Christian Quotes for the Week

As with any other Bible teachers and preachers, error is expected. No one handles and talks of the Word of God perfectly. It is the prudent Christian's duty to appreciate and glean the right things. There are good things to learn and be reminded of in listening to Ptr. Brian Houston of Hillsong Church. Here are some thoughts:

Quotable Quotes: from Ptr. Brian Houston, Hillsong Church

Never underestimate the power of the choices you make.
Don't believe for your children less than their God given potential.
Our choices affect those we love.
Knowledge is imparted...impart it to your children.
Every day matters.
Understanding is gained, so get understanding.
Stay inquisitive.
Breathe in life; choose it, maximize it.
We have been given life and we have been given new life.
 Generosity is modeled. Let your children grow with generosity and it will open doors for them.
Teach your children the fundamentals in living the supernatural life.


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