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Does Your Heart Know There Is a God?

How does the atheist dismiss the existence of God? It is more natural to believe in the existence of God than to believe there is no one above and beyond us, or that everything is happenstance, or that the system of the universe is more out of pure luck. Isn't it more logical to believe there is a higher being who is holding all these together? Isn't it more reasonable that it is not luck but blessing and providence from Someone looking over us. I don't know how the mind of an atheist works. It's a wonder how the human mind can bypass something that's natural for us to sense. We quickly hold God responsible for all the bad things happening around us. But rarely do we acknowledge and credit Him for all the great things coming our way. Even a seasoned Christian can believe with the mind that God exists. But in his or her heart, doubt that from time to time. Romans 1:20 says that nature clues us about the existence of God. No one can be excused. No one cannot claim ign