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How Do You Pray?

how to pray, a simple guide for normal people is a book by Pete Greig. I don't know much about him and his core beliefs yet but he does seem enlightened about prayer. He shares some great insights about prayer in the life of a Christian. You can hear some of his talks on YouTube.
Today, I started "How to Pray: a 21-day devotional journey with Pete Greig on YouVersion or Read highlights from this reading at the end of this article.
God first
Luke 11:1-4 In Luke 11, the Lord Jesus teaches the disciples about prayer. The Lord's Prayer is indeed the disciple's prayer. It's how a disciple should be praying. And, it begins with God. It is primarily, initially, and supremely about God.
The average person may look at the first section and think, "Oh great, I come to God for what I need and want, and it's immediately all about Him. The Lord's Prayer says, 'Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.' Why bother praying at all? God always has …

Kobe Bryant Dead at 41 is Yet Another Unbelievable And Gutwrenching News of a lLife Gone Too Soon

Kobe Bryant helicopter missing safety equipment
TMZ makes solid points in defense of breaking Kobe Bryant helicopter crash news
Vanessa Bryant Statement
Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash Timeline
Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash Bodies Identified
Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, flight audio  released.
The 9 Victims of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash
Kobe Bryant helicopter crash cleared to fly in the fog
Kobe Bryant leaves behind a multi-billion dollar business empire
The story or the legend behind his name is linked to Japan

Kobe Bryant Dead at 41 is Yet Another Unbelievable And Gut-wrenching News of a lLife Gone Too Soon. Initial coverage from ESPN shares that he and 13-year old daughter Gianna were on their way to a basketball game when the helicopter crash claimed their lives along with other companions, including another basketball player and parent.

All 9 did not survive. The crash happened in Calabasas, California this Sunday. Witnesses around the area heard a low flying helicopter above. They o…

Quick and Easy Fresh Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe

Why buy canned whipped cream when you can make homemade whipped cream at in a quick, easy, and cheaper way?
Commercial canned whipped cream like Aunt Betty's or Dream Whip from Coles retail at AUD$4 and up. But making your own quick and easy fresh homemade whipped cream only costs as low as $1.16011 per cup. Here's all you need to have and do:
Ingredients:Coles Thickened CreamCream of TartarWhite Sugar, Caster Sugar, or Icing Sugar ( Confectioner's Sugar)
Now, I know what you're thinking. It costs a lot more to have these ingredients. But listen, buy these and you have a supply of ingredients for more homemade whipped cream recipe. I always have these on hand to use for  pancakes, coffee or chocolate topping. dessert cream toppings, pavlova cream, and more. You won't need to keep buying whenever you need to use whipped cream. And you can serve it fresh every time instead of using canned whipped cream that contains additives and preservatives.
Here are the easy steps fo…

What Are the Marks of A False Gospel?

What are the marks of a false Gospel?The Bible clearly shares what the true Gospel is and any teaching that does not share the same message is a false Gospel. How can you know if a church or a preacher is teaching and peddling a false Gospel? Let's discuss the following marks to help you catch false teaching early on. Read on to know more.
1. A false Gospel asks for works or human efforts.Ephsians 2:8 says that we are saved by grace, through faith, not of ourselves. It is a gift of God. It is not of works so that no man can boast. No good work can buy you salvation or guarantee heaven. No human effort can bridge the gap or separation which sin has placed between you and God.
What are good works and human efforts that a false Gospel often require of you? charitable contributiondonation to the church or organizationchanging your ways or repentance that shows through a change of lifestylesurrendering your past and pet sinssurrendering your life to ChristAs a child of God, all these good…