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Nowhere to Go (When You Are at Your Wit’s End)

Nowhere to Go (When You Are at Your Wit’s End) A Sermon on Exodus 14:1-14 Rev. Mike Meñez Introduction Dealing with life’s difficulties is one of the most frustrating conundrums that has troubled many throughout the ages. Many so-called “experts” and “guru” from all sorts of philosophies and religions have come up with their respective brands of “problem-solving techniques”. There’s tapping into your “inner strengths”, mantra meditations, or promises of blessings in exchange for extravagant contributions to get-rich-quick schemes and 12-step programs. Yet, none has really given the lasting solution, confidence, and inward peace which the ones who battle difficulties desperately look for.  Some of these solutions may help, but often, only for a brief time. As soon as it fails to sustain for the next life obstacle, then goes the “seeker” to the next ‘promising’ technique. The questions that keep plaguing man are: “How exactly should we deal with life’s problems?” and “

Is it Wrong for a Christian to Get Angry?

photo by Gerd Altman at pixabay Is it wrong for a Christian to get angry? Is it a sin to be angry or Is anger a sin?  Can a Christian get angry? Should a Christian ever get angry?  Often unspoken, questions like these about anger go through a Christian's mind especially in the heat or after the heat of the moment. Let's quickly answer the question posed in the title. Is it wrong for a Christian to get angry? NO.  I could already be in hot water after saying that. But before you leave this page, can you read this verse taken from the Bible? It says in Eph 4:26 : "Be angry, and do not sin..." Indeed, there are a lot of verses that say that anger is sin but don't think that the Bible is contradicting itself here. Scriptures talk about right anger and wrong anger. Clearly, in the verse above, the Bible is talking about the right kind of anger. We can get angry and not sin. So, what is "right anger" and what is "wrong anger" the