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Devotional: God; Far...Yet Near

Reading: Psalm 90 Meditation: It may be natural desire in many people to want to place his own mark in this world, to somehow stand out from the rest of the group or crowd he is in. While there is nothing plainly wrong with that, it looks quite trivial and a waste of priority in light of Psalm 99 where we we see the God who has established Himself to be higher than anyone and anything yet makes Himself accessible and adjusts down to those who would seek Him. I have a God who does not busy Himself with distinctions. Yes, His very nature is unreachable, He can't help it. Everything declares how far out of reach He is from flawed men. But I love that He is most interested in connecting, making the ultimate way for man to be reconciled with Him and making ways for man to be guided into His perfect plan for their lives. I love that His Word never highlights differences but puts importance on oneness and commonality in the body of Christ. Today, I am thankful that I can praise and wo

Devotional: God's Light and Joy

Reading: Psalm 97 Marked: Light shines on the godly, and joy on those whose hearts are right. The christian will always be conflicted when there is unrighteousness, but life is simpler when the desire is to be godly and right. You decide to do what is pleasing to Him and stay away from things that will disappoint God. You go after pursuits that matter and spend less efforts gaining material things that grant only temporal value. You keep company with like-minded friends, there's no struggle with testimony because you know your stand. God's light and God's joy dwells in a life like this; there is rest and satisfaction in the heart. Today, I pray for this kind of life.

Devotional: How to Regard God

Reading: Psalm 96: 1-13 Marked phrases:  1. "Ascribe to the Lord..." Ascribe means to attribute to, to regard as belonging to. I pray to keep seeing how I must ascribe to God that which is rightly His; the praise and credit for all the good  things I see and receive in this life. 2. "Bring an offering..." Seeing the greatness of my God should cause me to offer something- my life, my labors. I cannot say I see God and regard His place in my life if I am content with living for myself and pursuing what I desire. I need to live a God-honoring life, and that is my very offering. 3. "Worship the Lord... in holiness." I cannot worship God at my convenience or preference. If I must worship, I must understand who He is and how He desires me to relate to Him. It is true that I come to Him a sinner, but He does not desire me to continue living in sin. If this is to be a life of worship, I must be ashamed of mixing sinful impulses with my faithlife.

Devotional: Worship

Reading: Psalm 95 Meditation: Worship is  a consciousness of who God is and what He has been doing in my life. Today I am reminded of the need to intentionally be aware of His attributes and what they mean to my faith and life so I can thank and praise Him intelligently.

Devotional: God My Support and Soother

Reading: Psalm 94:12-23 Marked: "When my foot is slipping, Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, held me up. When [anxious] thoughts within me overwhelm, Your comforts cheer and delight my soul!" Meditation: Today I praise the God who supports me when I'm weak and vulnerable. When I've had too much and feel overwhelmed, I'm thankful that He soothes and eases my soul.

Devotional: Ever Sensing God

Reading: Psalm 94 Meditation God hears and sees all things. He is at work even when I don't sense it. He knows  full well. When I doubt His mind, I must remember that He is the One who gives knowledge to man. I am ignorant to suppose that I know better than He does. Today I am thankful that whenever I choose, I can put my mind to rest and trust in Him to know and work things out in my life.

Devotional: God, Our Resting Place

Reading: Psalm 90:1-7 Marked: "In all generations, you have been our resting place. Before anything was ever made, before time ever was, from everlasting You have been and You are God." Meditation: T his is who God is and I must give Him proper worship which have all these together: confession, prayer, supplication. Worshipping God for Who He is gives light to the faullts I ought to grieve over and forsake. Knowing God is my rest will cause me to remain in constant communication, laying before Him all that is on my mind. Today, I pray for a heart that is continually eager to worship Him.

Christian Quotes for the Week

Image Believe God for insane things. Rely on the God who consistently blows our minds as we grow in faith and trust in Him.- Local Sound The broken wall in Nehemiah's time was a physical representation of spirituality and worship in complete, utter dismay and brokenness.. You can't guide someone who is not willing to follow. When you come to God in humility, the natural becomes supernatural; you are able to do things.

Devotional: Blaming God

Reading: Psalm 89:38-52 Meditation: I find myself blaming God or resenting Him when life is not the way I like it. This happens when I forget that God knows what He is doing (or not doing). I also forget that I live in a broken world and I am broken as well. I forget that the sins I commit have consequences. i forget that the sins I commit affects others and I am also actually affected by the sins my loved ones commit. I also forget that God's holiness and sincere love for people require discipline. Today i pray to stop forgetting and remember that what God desires from me is a heart that repents of sin and desires to grow especially during hard circumstances.

English Vocabulary: Opress and Repress vs. Supress

*simple, straight to the point, just the way you like it Opress:  to keep down by force or by authority or position, to keep in subjection, to burden or weigh heavily upon, Repress: to unconsiously hold something back or forget, to unintentionally make yourself unaware  Supress to intentionally forget, inhibit or set aside, to keep something from being revealed, to avoid revealing or bringing out Examples: Financial problems oppressed him all the time. His parents always oppressed him in every decision he had to make. The abuse was too traumatic that when I asked him if he could relate one instance, he couldn't recount a single one specifically. He couldn't remember his father being a heavy, abusive disciplinarian while every other child did. He had to suppress feelings of grief due to his recent divorce in order to function well at the victory party.

Devotional: In the Secret Place

Reading: Psalm 91 Marked: Psalm 91:1 "Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty." Meditation: Social Media is a great platform for people to connect & get updates on people and happenings in life. But if one is not careful, he or she can become preoccupied with the lives of others & get distracted or addicted to finding pleasure, amusement, and even validation from other people and things. The Internet is a great venue for intellectual enrichment. A Christian can busy himself with gaining knowledge about theological matters so much so that the great wide web can become his man source of learning since it is so easy to just do a word search on Google for anything at anytime. You can let other people do the research and thinking for you and all you have to do is sit back and read. Psalm 91 opens our eyes to the richness that can be found in spending actual intimate moments with God. The passage

Devotional: God, the Faithful One

Reading: Psalm 89 1-18 Meditation: Nature and history continually declares a God who is faithful. Unlike man, He is never found guilty of speaking nor acting out of thoughtless impulse. His Words carry wisdom and purpose. He never makes empty promises. As a loving father, He has promised to satisfy my life with His goodness. Moreso, I can rely on His loving discipline to bring me back onto the right path whenever I stray. When He acts, I know He does so in mind of a plan and desire to bring about His best for my life. When He stays or refuses, I know He does so because He knows full well what's best for me to have and to forgo. In all the stops and goes, I can count on my Father to know and craft His good and perfect will for my life. Today I thank this great and incomparable God for all the ways He has been completing me and leading me aright. Today, I remember how blessed I am to call Him my Father. --- >photo credit: geralt

English Vocabulary: Effecient vs. Effective

*simple, straight to the point, just the way you want it Comparisons: 1. Efficient  says that something is done using the least amount of resources or energy     Effective says that something is done right. He is an effective speaker. ( He communicates and people understand).  He is an efficient speaker. ( He communicates thoughts in the least amount of words. A usual talk may take 1 hour but he only needs 30 minutes to explain the topic.) 2. Effective means something works.     Efficient  means something works with minimum effort or spending. The diet plan is effective.  An efficient diet plan will produce results at a quicker, uncomplicated, and cheaper means.

Devotional: God's Reign

Reading: Psalm 93 Marked: "The Lord reigns[consult- advice, guide with expertise]. Your throne is established[firm] from of old; You are from everlasting[long duration and futurity]. Your testimonies are very sure [confirmed]." Meditation: God has long been ruling and will continue to rule. He reigns with time tested expertise. I realize how foolish and childish I am to doubt His ways and capacity to direct my life. Today, I pray to increase in trust and understanding of His wisdom.

Devotional: God's Works

Reading: Psalm 92:1-15 Marked: "GOD's deeds make me glad. In His works and accomplishments I triumph. God's works are great, the thoughts He has are abundantly deep. The brute and the foolish fail to understand His mind." Meditation: In every joy and victory or accomplishments, God is the cause, God is the bringer. I can't understand Him and His doings all the time but I thank Him that His thoughts and deeds are always for man's good.