Devotional: God, the Faithful One

Reading: Psalm 89 1-18


Nature and history continually declares a God who is faithful. Unlike man, He is never found guilty of speaking nor acting out of thoughtless impulse. His Words carry wisdom and purpose. He never makes empty promises. As a loving father, He has promised to satisfy my life with His goodness. Moreso, I can rely on His loving discipline to bring me back onto the right path whenever I stray. When He acts, I know He does so in mind of a plan and desire to bring about His best for my life. When He stays or refuses, I know He does so because He knows full well what's best for me to have and to forgo. In all the stops and goes, I can count on my Father to know and craft His good and perfect will for my life.

Today I thank this great and incomparable God for all the ways He has been completing me and leading me aright. Today, I remember how blessed I am to call Him my Father.


>photo credit: geralt


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