Devotional: How to Regard God

Reading: Psalm 96: 1-13
Marked phrases: 
1. "Ascribe to the Lord..."
Ascribe means to attribute to, to regard as belonging to. I pray to keep seeing how I must ascribe to God that which is rightly His; the praise and credit for all the good  things I see and receive in this life.

2. "Bring an offering..."
Seeing the greatness of my God should cause me to offer something- my life, my labors. I cannot say I see God and regard His place in my life if I am content with living for myself and pursuing what I desire. I need to live a God-honoring life, and that is my very offering.

3. "Worship the Lord... in holiness."
I cannot worship God at my convenience or preference. If I must worship, I must understand who He is and how He desires me to relate to Him. It is true that I come to Him a sinner, but He does not desire me to continue living in sin. If this is to be a life of worship, I must be ashamed of mixing sinful impulses with my faithlife.


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