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Devotional: God our Dwelling Place

Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations. Before the mountains were born or before You had given birth to the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, You are the eternal God. So teach us to number our days, that we may cultivate and bring to You a heart of wisdom. Let the workings of Your power be revealed to Your servants and Your glorious majesty to their children. And let the gracious favor of the Lord our God be on us; Approve for us the work of our hands. Amp Ps 90. To keep God in His rightful place and to let my life and actions be driven by His approval and pleasure will remove a lot of non-essential thoughts, worries, and motivations. I pray for the Holy Spirit to re-set my heart on Him and to welcome His presence in my daily life.

Christian Quotes for the Week

Image (Ravi Zacharias, Recapture the Wonder) Attainment and fulfillment are not the same. There is in man that seeks a state of mind that attainments can never fill. The greatest pursuit of every life is often traded for something less, something daily.  (Ptr. Brian Houston) God will make you strong when it's not just about you. If you know your cause then you can expect the strengthening of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirt makes you strong for Him. Make your life about who He is and what He has for you. What conversations would have been there when you remember the Holy Spirit was there in every conversation?.

Devotional: Of Tongues and Understanding

For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unproductive because it does not understand what my spirit is praying. Then what am I to do? I will pray by the Holy Spirit that is within me and I will pray with the mind using words I understand; I will sing with the spirit and I will sing with the understanding also. 1n 1 Cor 14, Paul points out that though tongues as a gift may have added flair and style, it is less desirable due to its limits in edification. Paul emphasizes the need for the mind to understand what the mouth hears, speaks, and sings of. Paul here says that there is spiritual profit & strengthening only when there is understanding. today i am warned against mindless listening, praying, and singing. I am also reminded to pray and sing praises with sincerity and intent.

Devotional: Staying Connected

"A day in Your courts is better than a thousand anywhere else. I would rather stand [as a doorkeeper] at the threshold of the house of my God than to live [at ease] in the tents of wickedness. For the Lord God is a sun and shield; The Lord bestows grace and favor and honor; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly. O Lord of hosts, How blessed and greatly favored is the man who trusts in You " Psalm 84:10-12 At times, an earthly view of life weakens my reliance (and awareness) on spiritual truths. It is more natural to feel in charge of tackling life's issues. The Sons of Korah were fully convinced that prioritizing intimacy and staying connected with God is most important for there lies the answers and means to life. A meaningful life is possible ONLY IN Him. Today I pray that I may be found in Him, not reliant or operating on my own strength and righteousness, but dependent through faith in Christ's working in my life.

Health: Histamine Intolerance Diet

For about 2 months now, I've been struggling with skin rashes and hives that broke out around my neck and both arms. As I've always been prone to allergic itches, I tried to dismiss them at first, thinking it will go away. But it started getting worse. So, I decided to try out these over the counter natural anti-allergy meds in Coles: I tried for a couple of days, but it did not do anything. These must just work for allergies not skin-related, I guess. So, I went back to my go-to all-around allergy medication: Diphenhydramine caps ( Benadryl). I hate taking this medicine. I don't want the drowsy feeling that comes with it. After a week of taking it, I can  begin tolerating the 25mg caps but the 50mg really puts me to sleep. Besides taking the meds, I finally got to spend more time getting to know more about histamine intolerance. With the hives and rashes worsening and spreading, I needed to lessen the influx of histamines in my body as fast as I could. I'm shari

Devotional: Strength in God

Blessed and greatly favored is the man whose strength is in You, whose heart is set towards Zion. Passing through the Valley of Weeping,they make it a place of springs;   The early rain also covers it with blessings. They go from strength to strength.  Each of them appears before God in Zion. P salm 84 5-7 In reliance and dependence on God, one finds blessing and favor. In setting one's heart towards heaven, one enjoys an overcoming life. In struggles, God is there to refresh and bless; and with every step, there is enablement until the day we reach our heavenly place before God. Today I appreciate the greatness of God in my life and I say thanks for joy and enablement which comes from Him

Devotional: Knowing & Following God

"That the generation to come might know, & children still to be born may arise & recount them to their children, that they should place their confidence in God & not forget the works of God, & not be like their fathers—a generation that did not prepare its heart to know & follow God, whose spirit was not faithful to God." Ps 78:6-9 The heart must be prepared to know and follow God. One does not wait for inspiration or desire to follow after God. To prepare is to ready oneself, to put oneself in the proper posture to know and follow the Master. There is to be commitment and yieldedness. Here I also see, that my children can grow up putting their confidence in God, only if they grow up seeing Him truly at work, truly real. and parents must help their children be sensitive and aware to the workings of God in their families. My kids should see God ultimately making things happen in our lives, not me, not my husband. Our mandate is to point them

5 Spots You Must Visit in Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Noosa is a very good place to take a holiday or vacation at. The weather is not too cold and not too warm. Well, you may get some very hot days, but, generally, the weather is good for anything you'd like to do. You can go surfing, swimming, tanning, walking, jogging, running, and more. There are great spots to do photography and meditative relaxation. Life is a bit laid back here. The Council has done well in preventing the area from becoming too modernized. You still have shops and business centers but the main highlight and the most overpowering presence is nature and its awesome sceneries. Parks abound so you'd have good places where you can sit back and joyfully sip your favorite coffee, cappuccino, or hot mocha. Following are  some spots you ought to check out on your visit to Noosa. Make sure to bring a camera the first time you go there. 1. Hastings Street from:

Christian Quotes for the Week

Image From Brian Houston, Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church Australia             Our mind often works so fast that we preempt things, and we preempt God.             God can see what u are seeing, but He sees so much more.             People minimize the power of God.            See yourself as God sees you.              Don't take any of these (Eph 2:11) for granted. Morpheo: God's vision is full and perfect. He sees clearly, He sees on all levels.  He is not prevented by distance. He knows no obstacles or blindspots. He sees completely, and is never limited by time.

Devotional: The Right Prayer Life

Col 4:2 tells me to: "be persistent and devoted to prayer, to be alert & focused in my prayer life with an attitude of thanksgiving." God doesn't want me to just say my prayers and to just ask Him for things. He wants a life of prayer with an attitude of thanksgiving; to live in dependence on Him and in thankfulness of all that He has been for me and has done for me. I cannot have the right prayer life if i'm focused on what I don't have and on what i want. The right prayer life must seek Him above all and depend on Him to bring provision and fulfillment in my life knowing that He has never failed me and never will. The right prayer life understands that at this moment I am already abundantly blessed and favored, and God's love and wisdom will ensure that my need for blessing and direction will be met according to His perfect plan.

Devotional: God's Grace in Vain?

In 2 Corinthians 6, Paul strongly challenges us "not to receive God’s grace in vain and to make sure that we don't cause offenses so that the ministry will not be discredited, and to make every effort to confirm by our lives that we are indeed servants of God." To receive God's grace in vain is to live a wasted life, to waste God-appointed opportunities for testimony and for service. Tonight I pray that as a recipient of God's grace I will indeed understand and treasure this undeserved favor and to strive for a life that means something, that does something to further the cause of Christ.

Devotional: Psalm 78

Psalm 78 is one real and honest telling of man's natural tendency to wander far away from God in ungratefulness and unbelief. Israel is us, the nation's up and downs are our ups and downs. Verses 1-7 place importance on being hands-on parents & teachers to the next generation, to make sure future God-followers learn from us & hear us personally talk about the praiseworthy deeds of God, to tell how powerfully alive and working our God is on our behalf. God made it into a law that parents should teach & enlighten their children and ensure that this link of passing on one's knowledge and experience of God to the next generation would never become broken. Tonight, I feel a rebuking of the Holy Spirit reminding me to personally experience fruitful times with God, to know Him more, to grow in faith so that I have something true & authentic to share to my children and for them to witness God at work thru my life.

Devotional: Stay your Mind on God

Asaph begins Psalm 73 with one time-tested truth: that God is good to those who are pure (in the inner man & will). But like us, he can lose sight of that- whenever he dwells on the seeming unfairness or injustices of life, whenever he dwells on the lives of others & not his own, whenever he thinks that living right & living in sin makes no difference. Thoughts like these open up pain, self-pity, bitterness, and resentment so we need to stop and remember that God is all we have (and truly need) and what matters most is that we draw close to Him. Today, I pray to be enabled to stay God-minded in acts, thoughts, and affections that I may stay the path and live an encouraged life.

English Grammar: Colon vs. Semicolon

Image Use colon: 1. before a list ( I will buy: a pen, a lighter, and a tape.) 2. before an explanation ( I went to the zoo: my friend needed a companion.) 3. before a conclusion ( After some hours, Sarah cracked the code: It was about a lost treasure buried at sea.) 4. before a definition ( Biology: the study of life) Use semicolon to give a longer break than what a comma provides without a full stop. 1. to join 2 clauses I went out; He stayed home. 2. to join sentences with conjunctions in between. I went out; however, he stayed home. 3. to separate lists that have commas The ones who came were: John, the student; Joe, the teacher; and Jane, the parent. 4. to separate clauses that have commas The real cause of their sudden poverty was: he spent all his money on gambling, luxury items, and endless trips. 5 to combine connected sentences It was so cold; He took off his jacket to warm her up. Last note: A

Bible Lesson: Easy Bible Facts

Here are some basic and easy bible facts you should know about: The Bible is a collection of books. The selection for inclusion followed certain criteria. Check here . The Bible has 2 sections. The Old Testament and The New Testament. The Old Testament has 39 books. The New Testament has 27. Total: 66. The Old Testament covers the time period before Christ was revealed. The New Testmant covers everything during the time of Christ, the church, and letters to the churches. Moses contributed the most books in the OT, namely the Pentateuch (Gen-Deut) The Apostle Paul contributed the most books in the NT. It is commonly held that Job is the oldest book of the Bible. The Bible was written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek. The first English translation was made by John Wycliffe . The longest book is Psalms and the longest chapter is 119.  The person who ever lived the longest was Methuselah (969 years old). Genesis 5. Two persons (simply humans) did not see

Devotional: Mind Your Own Life

If Christians gave most attention to their own spiritual condition & need before God, there would be radiant, authentic living that will lead men to Christ. "Only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come and see you or am absent, I may hear of you that you are standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel." Philippians 1:27

Devotional: Awesome God

Sing praises about the majesty of God`s reputation! Give him the honor He deserves! Say to God: “How awesome are your deeds! Come and witness God’s exploits! His acts on behalf of people are awesome! We passed through fire and water, but God brought us out into a wide open place. God deserves praise, for he did not reject my prayer or abandon his love for me! Psalm 66 i treasure those learning & humbling moments when impossible things work out in such a way that i recognize it can only be God who can do that for me. i love it when God nudges me, saying “This is me doing this for You, for Your good.” tonight i pause to give Him praise for who He is and who He will always be.

Devotional: Seeking God

"O God, You are my God; with deepest longing I will seek You... Yes, I have seen You in the sanctuary, and witnessed your power and splendor." Psalm 63 The heart that longs to seek God will find Him responding. Traces of God's presence is seen everywhere at all times but the heart seems unable to perceive Him always. The Psalmist shares that in the sanctuary God can be seen, His power and splendor can be witnessed. Where is that sanctuary then, that apartness or sacred consecrated place where I can stay still and watch God be God and just worship Him? That's where I need to be more often...

English Grammar: noone vs. no one

Image Noone " is nonstandard (due to the doubled vowels) but used to follow the form of "nobody", "anyone" and "everyone". This form is commonly used online. No one or the alternative spelling "No - one" (no-one is a North American common usage, and the most recommended form of all 3)  is the standard spelling form more commonly used in books and publications, esp. newspapers.

Christian Quotes for the Week

Image From Bobbie Houston: Capacity is drawn from God's promise. When you know God's promises, you find strength and enablement. Capacity is drawn from the Truth. In knowing God's truths, your capacity is increased.   Capacity is drawn from the Cause. Capacity to continue is increased as long as you remember the reason for your pursuits.   Gods Words are life-giving thoughts   The devil likes to muddy our thinking and our calling.   Never make a decision in a place of confusion.   God is not a God of confusion. So clear your mind when you feel confused. Romans 12.   Fear is not of God. Fr. Morpheo Be content with your weakness as this allows a showcase of Gods strength over you (2 Cor. 12:9) - morpheo .

Devotional: God, My Refuge

"I will sing about Your strength; Each morning I will praise Your unfailing love For You are my refuge and my place of safety when I face trouble. You are my source of strength! I will sing in praises to you! For my God, the God who loves me, is my refuge."   Psalm 59 In every trouble, God is my safe place. I draw strength and security from who He is and from the assurance that at all times and at all stages of my life, He Loves Me. I pray to nurture a heart and mouth that thanks and sings praises to Him from the moment I wake each day.

Devotional: To Long for God

Man left to himself tends to always see everything that's wrong around him; speaking & thinking evil is easier than speaking & thinking good. Complaining is easier than thanking. The book of Psalms talks about man's tendency to do wrong, speaking untruths, hurting & deceiving others with words & actions. And from the life of David I am reminded that even a devout Christian may sin at any time. Psalm 53 also says God looks down from heaven at the human race to see if there is anyone who is wise, who seeks & longs for God. Today, God has spoken to my heart, rebuking and reminding me that when life pursuits and ministry are focused on God, I look less on other people & circumstances. I mind not having less and others having more. I focus more on how I fare before God and on how He wants me to live before Him. I see that forever I am never worthy or better than others. I see that forever I am sustained and blessed by grace. I remain humble, I remain teac

Devotional: A Broken Spirit

God wants a broken spirit. I cannot come seeking Him but presenting my own pre-conceived plans and notions of self-righteousness or spiritual attainments. Nothing fruitful will come if there is no humility because God rejects the proud and the obstinate. "The sacrifices You desire are a humble spirit and a repentant heart. Then, You will accept the proper sacrifices." Psalm 51 I pray for the Spirit to tear down everything in me that comes from self-righteousness and self-will.

How to Kill Your Marriage

You may be killing your marriage and you're not even aware of it! How to Kill Your Marriage Did you think this was a weird title to use? Right. No married person in his or her right mind wants a marriage to fail. But you know, you may be killing your marriage and you're not even aware of it. So, read on for these signs of marriage-killers so you can identify what you're doing wrong. And, hopefully, be able to make the necessary changes. 1. Always prove you're right. When conflicts become a matter of proving who's right and wrong, you breed a mentality of "it's either you or me". The "us" thing is lost. The partnership starts to dissolve, and the couple forms their own individual teams. The marriage starts to become competitive and slowly crumbles. 2. Fight over every little thing. When days are filled with things to complain and fuss about, daily peace is disrupted. The home ceases to be a haven, and stress sets in. Now,