Devotional: Psalm 78

Psalm 78 is one real and honest telling of man's natural tendency to wander far away from God in ungratefulness and unbelief. Israel is us, the nation's up and downs are our ups and downs.

Verses 1-7 place importance on being hands-on parents & teachers to the next generation, to make sure future God-followers learn from us & hear us personally talk about the praiseworthy deeds of God, to tell how powerfully alive and working our God is on our behalf. God made it into a law that parents should teach & enlighten their children and ensure that this link of passing on one's knowledge and experience of God to the next generation would never become broken.

Tonight, I feel a rebuking of the Holy Spirit reminding me to personally experience fruitful times with God, to know Him more, to grow in faith so that I have something true & authentic to share to my children and for them to witness God at work thru my life.


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