Devotional: The Right Prayer Life

Col 4:2 tells me to: "be persistent and devoted to prayer, to be alert & focused in my prayer life with an attitude of thanksgiving."

God doesn't want me to just say my prayers and to just ask Him for things. He wants a life of prayer with an attitude of thanksgiving; to live in dependence on Him and in thankfulness of all that He has been for me and has done for me. I cannot have the right prayer life if i'm focused on what I don't have and on what i want. The right prayer life must seek Him above all and depend on Him to bring provision and fulfillment in my life knowing that He has never failed me and never will. The right prayer life understands that at this moment I am already abundantly blessed and favored, and God's love and wisdom will ensure that my need for blessing and direction will be met according to His perfect plan.


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