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Easy Mamon Recipe to Go with Your Coffee and Tea

  Mamon or Filipino mamon is a yummy treat that goes well with your morning coffee and afternoon tea.  Filipino mamon is the same as a sponge cake but served in smaller serving sizes. Some people call Pinoy mamon a mini-chiffon cake. And mamon can actually be both. Mamon is a sponge cake because it uses the 3 basic ingredients that make a sponge cake: flour, egg, and sugar. Filipino mamon is also a chiffon cake because fluffy mamon is made using meringue and similar to making a chiffon, you  use a folding technique. It is easy to make yourself some easy homemade mamon. Follow the easy mamon recipe steps below. Just don't stress while baking. And celebrate a job well done by sinking your teeth into your freshly baked mamon. You may cool this mamon recipe in the fridge if you don't like warm mamon slices. Be warned, though. If you bake good fluffy or even spongey mamon, it's hard to stop with just one slice. Easy Mamon Recipe Ingredients Yes, practice mise en place ! Ready th

What the OMINIPRESENCE of God Means to YOU

Omnipresence is God's divine quality, where He is present everywhere. He is in all places at all times.   Now, pantheists readily agree that God is everywhere, but their thoughts are a bit different to what we mean here. Pantheism believes that whatever God exists is IN all things. He/she/it is a combination and summation of all substance or forces that is present in the universe. This concept is not what we are understanding here today. When we say that God is omnipresent, we mean that His whole person, i n all His capacity, is totally present, available, and focused on each and every particular place. The Omnipresence of God Means You're Under His Watchful Eye Have you ever burned what you're cooking because you got distracted for a second? Have you lost your child at a shop because you took your eye off the little one because something else caught your eye? Did you miss an important detail because you zoned out of a conversation? God is so unlike us. The omnipresent Fa

What the OMNISCIENCE of God Means to You

Omniscience is God's unique attribute where He knows all things. Nothing is unknown to our God. And t here is nothing for Him to still discover or learn. Our omniscient God is complete in knowledge and understanding. He was never a newbie or neophyte at anything. He does not need to study or gain experience. God is omniscient. This means He has unlimited understanding and knowledge. God will never run out of knowledge and cool ideas. His ever creative mind is always at work. Whatever He thinks of and do will always be founded on solid, stable, and trustworthy reasoning and planning. His omniscience enables Him to think perfect thoughts and plan perfect plans . God's omniscience allows Him to know the past, present, and future in all their entirety . Just as God knows everything in the past, He equally knows everything that is yet to be. We get to find out every outcome and event as they unfold in the present, but God already knows what's coming and what is to come. We a

Why the WORRYING Christian Should Understand the ASEITY of God

The Aseity of God is His unique attribute that means He exists OF and FROM Himself. God doesn't depend on any outside cause or reason for His existence or purpose. He has within Himself His own reason and ability to exist. That makes Him the absolute God among other gods! He does not draw from any other energy. He is not a product of another's creation. He is sufficient in and of Himself. He is independent of anything outside of His being. As created and fallen beings, it's hard to grasp that someone or something can exist on its own.  Our God was NEVER created. And the Creator is self-powering. He doesn't need to be plugged in to something or someone else to continue to exist or fulfill His purposes. When humans understand and appreciate the fullness of God's aseity, we find our hope, purpose, cause, and sustenance for living. Life takes a turn. We experience full joy and security whether we're up in the clouds or down in the pits of trials. The Christian knows

God is Good!

God is good He is. And after years of living with the COVID-19 pandemic, God's people should even be more convinced about this truth. Bitterness, resentment, and misjudging God are all the wrong ways that people can deal with hardships and pain.  Rather, realising He is good and not evil. Remembering that He is forever good and there is nothing evil in Him. Understanding that whatever we can't comprehend, God remains good. God is good. He is our very strength and refuge in times of trouble. (Nahum 1:7) We experience how true this Scripture verse is whenever we choose to run to Him and trust Him instead of running away and rebelling because of our unpleasant situations. How many times has Christ shown up in the middle of our difficulties?  Think about it. When you accomplish something you didn't think you ever could. When you survive through something that was impossible for you to overcome on your own? That's Philippians 4:13. That is Christ showing up and enabling you,