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News: Oscars 2017 Best Picture Mix-up

from eonline page: Confusion still filled the air about the real cause of the mix-up specially with Emma Stone saying she held on to the best actress announcement card which had her name and "La La Land" written on it. Remember that as Warren Beatty explained , he saw her name and "La La Land" on the card, hence, the reason for quite a delay in their announcement of the Best Picture Winner. As was explained, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were handed the Best Actress Announcement Card by mistake. Just in from BBC News, it seems there are 2 sets of Announcement Cards per category. One would be handed out, the other that remained was a back-up card of some sort. Check out the full write-up here : Here is Jimmy Kimmel's explanation on his night show. Here is CNN's cover of the story and Eonline's cover, here . Jimmy Kimmel jokingly blamed

Devotional: Presumptuous Sins

It is easy to do something wrong & become comfortable in doing it repeatedly. I need to allow God's Spirit to help me discontinue when rebuked or else these sins will take a foothold on me and I become enslaved. Everyday I see it a personal conscious battle to submit my own thoughts and speech in obedience to Christ. Because one wrong thought can launch a thousand more wrongful perceptions and regretful words spoken. "Keep me back from intentional sins; Let them not rule and have control over me. Let the words of my mouth & the meditation of my heart. Be acceptable & pleasing in Your sight, O Lord. Psalm 19 I pray for God's grace over me today.

Devotional: God's Word

God's Word is to be desired and prioritized more than earthly things because through Scriptures we are protected from what is wrong and harmful, we are guided into what is right and beneficial. There is a fruitful and abundant reaping when you get into God's Word and live it. "It is to be desired more than gold. In Keeping God's Word, there is great reward." Psalm 19

Devotional: Fearing God

God desires my heart to fear Him. He commands me, not because He is a self-serving, egotistic being, but because He is all-loving, all-giving, all knowing. I can only find a fulfilling life IN HIM. Things will pass, all earthly pursuits will become nothing but my relationship with God and my devotion to Him is something I will take with me to eternity. "The commands to fear the Lord are right and endure forever." Psalm 19

Natural Ways to Fuel Your Sex Drive

Fuel your desire and capacity for a meaningful and passionate sex life. Familiarity, or more specifically, over familiarity, may dampen sex drive in marriage. You've seen it all, and you continue to see it all on a daily basis. Visual arousal may lessen after a lot of time spent together. Add to that the obligations, responsibilities, differing schedules, and differing personalities clashing on a regular basis. These other factors can contribute to a decreasing passion for sex in marriage. There are natural ways you can make sex interesting again and regain your high desire for it. Boost your sex drive to heighten once more your desire for your mate with some helpful tips: 1. Get sufficient sleep. Sleep deprivation lowers libido, especially that of the man's. Testosterone levels decrease when men lack sleep. Catch up on sleep and turning yourself on will come easier and more often. 2. Increase physical activity. A sedentary life 'downs' the spirit and

Tech News for Google Chrome Users: Beware the “The ‘HoeflerText font not found’ malware

photo from hackernews The malware has been circulating since last year and a recent update shows it still hacks into Windows computers up to now. Yes, Mac users are currently safe. Don't be quick to click on links which warn about web page issues requiring you to click on a link in order to resolve the issues. The malware when injected will collect user info and web history. The common manifestation is a popup message displaying: A "HoeflerText font wasn’t found" which will instruct you to download an update. Don't click! Don't! Just Don't! For further news reading:

Devotional: The Bible: Our Best Influence

The Bible has been given to lead us into a right relationship with God and that should not be burdensome because there is unexplained joy that comes from living in obedience to the Word of God. God's commands are pure, never tainted with ill motivations or wrong assumptions. As we follow, we see that there is wisdom in all that God desires for us to do. Sometimes, we look to other things for influence and advice, and we let the world's views be our standard for life. But that's what the Bible is for, it should be the one we listen to MORE OFTEN. The commandments of the Lord are right, bringing joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are pure,  giving insight for living. Psalm 19:8 I pray to have a heart that consults the Bible more often.

Devotional: God's Word is Trustworthy and Profitable

The law of the Lord restores and refreshes the soul; His directives can be trusted, it makes the inexperienced wise. Psalm 19:7 Encouragement and healing is found in the Word of God. When I am weak, when I am down, I can go to God's Word and know that my heart will be lifted. One important thing is that, I can trust that my obedience to God's commands and desires for my life will yield something beneficial in my life; and with each step of obedience comes learning and wisdom that equips me for sensible living.

Devotional: Thankfulness is a Sacrifice?

Psalm 50 says, "Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, and keep the vows you made to the Most High. Because giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me." In being thankful, I acknowledge my dependence on Him and give respect to who He is and His greatness of a God. I find it worth noting that God counts sincere thankfulness as a sacrifice. Sacrifice often involves the offering of my skills and efforts whereas thankfulness takes nothing from me, or doesn't it? Thankfulness must run deeper than just saying thanks then. Giving true thanks must TAKE AWAY all my expectations and to fully yield and have joyful appreciation of all that He has in store for me because I know He is great and He will never give anything less than what is best.

Meditation: Uprooted, Exposed; Stripped, Laid Bare

There's something about being uprooted or displaced, of being taken out of the commonplace; to leave the normal and be launched into the unknown. To be uprooted can be dangerous. Plants can die from that trauma. As for people, that can cause great moral and emotional damage. It can shake your whole being and make you question life and its purpose. It can be a make or break moment. No longer self-secure I learned that one can find a welcome release in being uprooted. To cease from banking on "who I am, what I know, what I can do". There is something liberating about un-clutching my roots from \people and things I've come to depend on. I was a nobody, and I knew nobody. I had "nothing" to do; there was no outlet to make myself useful. There was no opportunity to get busy nor distracted. In being uprooted, God caught my attention and clearly made me understand that I am before Him and with Him. In un-clutching, I had absolute freedom to grab hold of Him an

Food: Food Labels that Help You Choose Better Foods

So you've chosen the high road, the path less traveled. You've chosen to take ownership and responsibility over your own body.You've finally decided to start eating healthy, to be the master and decide conscientiously what goes in. One of the best ways that can greatly achieve your health goals is to start reading food labels. Following is a list of food labels and what they actually mean. 1. High/Low GI Food Labels GI food stand for Glycemic Index (GI) which ranks food based on how fast the carbohydrate content is processed and absorbed by the blood. High GI foods quickly breaks down into sugar. Those who have blood sugar problems like borderline sugar levels, diabetic people, mothers who have gestational diabetes, etc. should choose Low GI foods in stead. Switching to low GI grants the following benefits: you feel full longer you have lesser uncontrollable food cravings you maintain energy levels you have  more stable glucose levels Some Low GI foods: who

Devotional: Behold My Father

"And not a creature exists that is concealed from His sight, but all things are open  and  exposed, and revealed to the eyes of Him with whom we have to give account."  Hebrews 4:12 I often make my life about me, but it's not. Days are filled with all I perceive I need to do- to have; and the Great Father, my Creator, God, and Master is oftentimes forgotten, set aside, ignored. I forget that this All-Powerful being is real and I am ever before Him. Though He could have ignored, forgotten me, and set me aside, He never did and His perfect love and Character NEVER DOES. Today I praise my Maker and My Savior who never loves me the way I love Him back. HE is and does always much more.  Today, I Behold this great God, my Father, who David knew pretty well... "O Lord, You have searched me thoroughly and have known me. You know my entire life and everything I do.  You understand my thoughts from afar and  are intimately acquainted with all my ways.  Even before

Christian Living: Balancing Propriety & Authenticity ( A Discourse)

The Bible has always placed balance between propriety and authenticity.  In the christian life, they must go together. The Christian must be careful to pursue both coincidentally ( all at the same time ). Growing within a culture of traditionalism and legalism disrupts balance. The mind may even be unaware of that problem and can labour through much confusion, of struggling between what is proper, what is right, what is true, and what is important. It is a great blessing to be free from that kind of environment. To be exposed or to grow in it will need a continuing process of renewal; unlearning things and replacing them with new and proper learning. Current Trends It can be observed that Christians are one of these: Proper but not Authentic - They've mastered the ins and outs of being right in front of people. They know what should be seen and they know how to keep flaws hidden. Their christianity is lived in front of people. To them, being perceived as mature and godly is

Devotional: How to Love God

One day, one of the Sadducees approached Christ and asked him a very important, life-altering question: "What is the greatest commandment given in Scripture?" We must understand that Sadducees are a religious sect which do not believe in the resurrection. Translating that belief to practical living; in effect, to be a Sadducee is to place your hopes and aspirations in this life only. The future doesn't really matter, only what's before you. One's chance for happiness and fulfillment can only be attained and sustained in this life. When this life is gone, one just ceases to be. This is it, your chance for a good life is all here. So labor all you can and make sure you don't fail because such a sad person you will truly be if you cannot attain and maintain happiness here. Perhaps the person that came to ask Christ about the Great Commandment was busy running after things in this life. Maybe, his life was a cycle of seeking and losing. And to people who

Bible Lesson: Something to Boast About

Scripture: Jeremiah 9:23-24 This is what the Lord says:  “Let not the wise boast of their wisdom, or the strong boast of their strength or the rich boast of their riches, but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know me, that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,” declares the Lord." A deeper look at the passage shows us: 1. Common Perspectives- People often boast and bank on what they know (wisdom). They often boast and bank on what they can do ( strength). They often boast and bank on what they have (riches). [Man's life has been a constant pursuit of these 3 and by these they measure security and status in life. But all those will pass.] 2. Sure Eventualities- We won't always remember all the information and skills we have acquired. We won't always have the energy and physical condition to do and accomplish things. Material possessions will face

Bullmastiff: All Wrinkly and Sweet Giant

We have this pet bullmastiff and I’m sure I don’t uniquely feel this way; like other dog owners, I feel our Simba is one of a kind. He has his ways, quirks and all that, which gives him this distinct identity and character. We named him Simba, which means “Lion”. He was an ugly pup. I almost wanted to back out from purchasing him at the kennel. He didn’t look like a regular bullmastiff, no wrinkles, no large frame. He was thin, lean, and all straight and flat. Characteristic of normal Bullmastiffs , he was guarded at first, a bit aloof and doubtful of people and surroundings. It took him over two months to feel more at ease in our home, to freely walk around without being easily spooked, and to trustingly accept our spontaneous pats on his forehead. He wasn’t affectionate for a long time. You would have to initiate physical contact. Many times when we called, he wouldn’t come. And when we approached him, he would move somewhere else. The Bullmastiff is one dog breed you woul

The Unforgettable Ba Kut Teh of Singapore

Slow Cookers are cheap at BigW. Contempo , its exclusive brand, sells a 5.5 liter one just for AUD$29. We picked up 1 and today I'm trying it out with a simple Bak Kuet Teh (meat bone tea) dish, Singapore's  one of a kind pork rib broth specialty . If ever you are in Singapore, you gotta have a bowl of this before you go. A generous couple, friends, treated us to SongFa, a most famous place to have authentic Bak Kuet Teh. People line up there all the time. photo by pogrepix There, Ba Kut Teh bowls will get free soup refills as long as you still have meat left (in your bowl) to consume. Servers continually go around, ready to pour more soup whenever you run out. The lovely pair gifted us a number of packs to bring with us back to Australia. Today I sit by the counter, amused at how easy I've prepared tonight's dish. I just hope I did everything right, 'cause, if there's one thing that's always true about me, it's that I can easily ruin anything

The Amazing Vanilla Slice

The first time I landed in Australia, I got to taste a veggie wrap and vanilla slice at Veloci Cafe brnach at Sydney Airport. I fell in love with the pastry ever since. Everywhere I went, I checked out vanilla slice products and I have yet to taste one I didn't like. I give my thumbs up to: The Coffee Club Espresso Veloce The Old Bakery The Swiss Bakery, Nambour Le Bon Delice French Patisserie, Peregian (Most most most favorite as of now) The Bake House Chocolat Patisserie and Cafe , Noosa Civic Shopping Center (2nd most most most favorite) This great-tasting puff pastry is called by a number of names: vanilla slice (usual) custard slice, the Napoleon, and mille-feuille ( meel foy).  It is a French pastry. Authentic products are not sugary, the sweetness is just right. Some bakers accentuate the vanilla bean taste making for a darker colored cream. Others use custard powder. Both versions if made right are oh so delizioso! In my search of photos to show here, I came acro

5 Supplements I'd Recommend to Those who Hate Taking Supplements

Are you like me? I hate taking medications. For one, I've never been consistent. Many times, I forget. Secondly, I hate routine. I get tired of doing the same things over and over again. I get lazy if something becomes repetitive. When it comes to vitamins and supplements however, I had to discipline myself into taking them. Some people don't believe in taking capsules. They say anything that's not natural is not actually beneficial and that the only way to get your vitamins and nutrients is to eat them, to get them from actual food. The problem with that kind of thinking though is it's often difficult to do that. You may need to stuff yourself with so much food in order to get all the nutrients you need in one day. Due to seasonal availability, it may also be impossible to manage an exact or rigid food diet.  Hence, stocking up on "the right kind" of vitamins and nutritional supplements may actually be good for you. Take them when you are unable