Meditation: Uprooted, Exposed; Stripped, Laid Bare

There's something about being uprooted or displaced, of being taken out of the commonplace; to leave the normal and be launched into the unknown. To be uprooted can be dangerous. Plants can die from that trauma. As for people, that can cause great moral and emotional damage. It can shake your whole being and make you question life and its purpose. It can be a make or break moment.

No longer self-secure
I learned that one can find a welcome release in being uprooted. To cease from banking on "who I am, what I know, what I can do". There is something liberating about un-clutching my roots from \people and things I've come to depend on. I was a nobody, and I knew nobody. I had "nothing" to do; there was no outlet to make myself useful. There was no opportunity to get busy nor distracted.

In being uprooted, God caught my attention and clearly made me understand that I am before Him and with Him. In un-clutching, I had absolute freedom to grab hold of Him and experience Him in a truer, fuller, and more perceivable way. I am no longer self-occupied.

I learned that one can find refreshment in being exposed. Years of amassing Christian knowledge, service, and fellowship have created a shield and covering about me. It protected me and added dimensions to my identity and capacity. There are assumptions and expectations that come when a Christian matures and becomes a pro at doing the christian life and ministry.

No longer self-driven
In being exposed, I had no need to explain myself, no need to maintain any level of performance or a public persona of "identity. I found myself being ME again. Simple, plain, unassuming, unexpecting. I left the piles of credentials  and connections and I let God be my only qualification and most treasured companion. I am no longer self-sustaining, running on self-fuel or "self-acquired" resources.

I also learned that there is an unburdening in being stripped and laid bare, I remember dependence and begin to ease pressure on myself. I begin to see and understand once more that it is God who was and is at work in everything, in all situations at all times. Things are not mine to handle. Accomplishments are not mine to deliver. It's all God.


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