The Amazing Vanilla Slice

The first time I landed in Australia, I got to taste a veggie wrap and vanilla slice at Veloci Cafe brnach at Sydney Airport. I fell in love with the pastry ever since. Everywhere I went, I checked out vanilla slice products and I have yet to taste one I didn't like. I give my thumbs up to:
The Coffee Club
Espresso Veloce
The Old Bakery
The Swiss Bakery, Nambour
Le Bon Delice French Patisserie, Peregian (Most most most favorite as of now)
The Bake House
Chocolat Patisserie and Cafe, Noosa Civic Shopping Center (2nd most most most favorite)

This great-tasting puff pastry is called by a number of names: vanilla slice (usual) custard slice, the Napoleon, and mille-feuille (meel foy). It is a French pastry. Authentic products are not sugary, the sweetness is just right. Some bakers accentuate the vanilla bean taste making for a darker colored cream. Others use custard powder. Both versions if made right are oh so delizioso! In my search of photos to show here, I came across this drool-inducing photo:

It's by bonapetit and the site gives a good discussion about mille-feuille here.

Here is a FRENCH VANILLA SLICE from my instagram adventures:

Here is a CONTINENTAL VANILLA SLICE on the left:

I tried baking one back home but I couldn't get hold of the proper ingredients so it came out like a pie. I might try it again one of these months. Lazy me found a puff pastry at ALDI the past week. After I get some vanilla bean or custard powder, I'd have no excuse for dilly dallying any longer.


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