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Top 39 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Better Know

Easy Slow Cooker Recipe on Beef, Rice, Tomato Stuffed Capsicum

Here's a hub I wrote on Slow-cooked Beef, Rice, Tomato Stuffed Capsicum

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Top 15 Practical Ways to Declutter Your Home and Life

Read a hub I wrote on Top 15 Practical Ways to Declutter Your Home and Life.

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Top 5 Perks of Being a Minimalist

Read a hub I wrote on the Top 5 Perks of Being a Minimalist

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Why Am I Sleepy During the Day?

What's causing your eyes and brain to shut down during the day? Why can't you keep your eyes open just when you really need to get some work or reading done? Here are some of the reasons why you are sleepy during the day.
Too much carbs. If you're not careful, you can over-consume carbohydrates. And when you're takin in more carbohydrates than you can burn, you will get sleepy. Dr. Libby says it's either because your insulin levels are high or you might be gluten intolerant. Eat pasta, bread, potatoes and rice in moderation and space them properly.Rooibos tea works on you. Not everyone feels the effects of South African tea, Rooibos; but if you do, then Ernest du Toi (spokesperson for SA Rooibos Council) says Rooibos may be working for you. It lowers the level of Cortisone thereby lowering your body's stress level and puts you in a conducive state for sleep.
Light, fragmented sleep during the night. This will naturally make your body sleepy during the day as it …

Penny Thoughts: Love is...Considerate

If you think about it, it's when you are inconsiderate that you can be most unloving. You lose regard for others and you focus on yourself. At those times you tend to release thoughtless, hurtful words and you act in offensive ways. A lack of consideration is a lack of love because the lack of consideration is a sign of self-centredness or plainly, selfishness. Love, if it is to be real and sincere, must be considerate.
Love is considerate. It takes careful thought, especially around loved ones.  It's not a matter of remaining guarded and unable to speak nor act freely when you're with your spouse or family. It's about affording them politeness and courtesy in the way you speak and relate towards them. Why can you be at your best behaviour outside yet be rude and impatient with loved ones in the comforts of your own home? Yes, family members must be understanding and accepting of you but why remove their right to civility and endearment? Besides, shouldn't your loved…

Penny Thoughts: Love is...Appreciation

I think it was in episode 8 of Downton Abbey Season 6 that Tom Branson gave this ponderous thought to Lady Mary Crawley: "Love is giving the other person the power to hurt you." One often knows that love comes with the feelings of excitement, burning passion or adoration, extreme fondness, joy, happiness, and all other good emotions. But, love, if it is to be real and sincere, is to be more than those.
Love is Appreciation. It is appreciating the best in someone when you're experiencing the worst of him (or her.) If you love your mate and family only when they are lovable, how different are you from other non-spouses and non-family members? No one is perfect and if you're only out to love someone for the good and not for the bad, that is basic and common love.
Love is Appreciation. It is recognizing and enjoying the good qualities of the ones you love. It's not so much as being blind to their faults as much as being mindful of the good they are and the good they brin…