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Why Do People Major on the Minor?

Image Some spectators deem it as Aussie's Big Fuss on the Plastic Bag Ban. Woolworths probably had no idea that going earlier than Coles in implementing the single-use plastic bag ban would create such a backlash on them. This environmental friendly practice is no stranger to many shoppers. Even in Australia, many shops have not been issuing bags for years now. ALDI is one of these. To regular shoppers of Woolies, it's a wonder how any of them would fail to grasp the information given by Woolworths months in advance. I've been seeing the signs in shops and online at their website. Stressing out on missing simple information like that is a wonder for me. Life and joy are too valuable to lose over flimsy matters like bans on plastic bags.  It's funny and sad to see headlines like this: Full article here . Updated news write-up here .(It's embarrassing.) Oh the minute issues people spend their energy and emotions

Biblical Principles on How To Reclaim Your Life

Image Here is a piece I wrote for Biblical Principles on How To Reclaim Your Life

What Does The Bible Say About Fathers?

Image Here is a piece I wrote for What Does The Bible Say About Fathers?

Short Story: Lost

Image Lost Once lost, can it still be found? I feel I've lost something,  Yet I cannot perceive what. It's formless.  It's faceless. I'm groping in the dark. I rack my brain trying to trace its existence. It's lost to oblivion. Emptiness, an evidence of its former presence. Something was there. Now, it's not. At the last, light flickers. Understanding comes. What's lost is not something but someone. What's someone is me. A new query arises. Once lost, can I still be found? - ©AnaMenez please reuse with  author attribution. Thank you.

Movie: Lessons and Quotes From Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Image Another installment for this Jurassic Dinosaur franchise may be a bore and a stretch for some. While watching the 2 hours and 28 mins long of a movie, there were quite many predictable outcomes and commonplace scenes and dialogues. But here are some notable lines and lessons from the movie: There are boundaries you should never cross. The Jurassic World franchise shows us the perils of tampering with nature. Man has achieved remarkable feats and discoveries. By crossing boundaries, man has created a wealth of inventions that has made health and living conditions better. Care must be exercised in choosing what boundaries are morally and intellectually beneficial to cross. Cause and effect must be weighed. I. In speaking before an executive session, Dr Ian Malcolm shared a number of insightful thoughts: a. "These creatures were here before us and if we're not careful, they're gonna be here after.  Life canno

How to Score Book Bargains In Australia

Image If you live in area where there's no local bookshops around, here are some sites to get bargain books from: is where everyone go to for just about anything. Local pick-up purchases may be cheaper. Some offer free postage or minimum fees. Some combine shipping. is a great place to score ebook bargains. There's not a lot of printed books at bargain prices. offers free delivery worldwide. Amazon acquired this company in 2011. The site says that books are shipped either from UK or from Australia. Grab bargain printed books. They hold promotional discounts all the time. Nope, they don't sell ebooks.   offers free delivery to Australia and New Zealand. Get book bargains and other items on promotional sale. They don't stock items themselves so expect delivery to take longer than usual. They have sellers all over the globe listing products for sale. You c

How To Respond When the Wind is Against You

Image Here is a piece I wrote for How to Find Strength in Tough Times

How To Give Advice So That People Will Listen

Image Here is a piece I wrote for How To Give Advice So That People Will Listen

News: Fortnite Game is Free to Play

Image Fortnite is a "battle royal" game released by Epic Games late last year. Advertised as a cross between Left 4 Dead and Minecraft, this is a fast-paced survival action game that is fast becoming more and more popular among kids and adults. With the announcement of a US$ 100 million prize, gamers will surely make efforts to get even better and better at it. The Premise Players leap out from a plane and drops down into a small island. It's a fight till one man is left standing. Hidden items and weapons are up for grabs. Towers and forts are buildable for defense. The playing area shrinks as the game progresses. The Players Team up with one or a group. The Freebie: Fortnite Battle Royal Mode is free to play and you can be more than content with doing the free play. Extras are unlockable. Battle Pass subscriptions are at $10 and you get new weekly challenge plus more customisation. The Platform: Fortnite is available on

What Does The Bible Say About Our Top Worries?

Image Here is a piece I wrote for What Does The Bible Say About Our Top Worries?