Why Do People Major on the Minor?


Some spectators deem it as Aussie's Big Fuss on the Plastic Bag Ban.

Woolworths probably had no idea that going earlier than Coles in implementing the single-use plastic bag ban would create such a backlash on them. This environmental friendly practice is no stranger to many shoppers. Even in Australia, many shops have not been issuing bags for years now. ALDI is one of these. To regular shoppers of Woolies, it's a wonder how any of them would fail to grasp the information given by Woolworths months in advance. I've been seeing the signs in shops and online at their website.

Stressing out on missing simple information like that is a wonder for me. Life and joy are too valuable to lose over flimsy matters like bans on plastic bags.  It's funny and sad to see headlines like this:

Full article here.
Updated news write-up here.(It's embarrassing.)

Oh the minute issues people spend their energy and emotions on...

1. Think of how many meal times lead to flimsy arguments in stead of enjoying meaningful conversations.

2. Think of how many road trips lead to shout outs in stead of enjoying a scenic or relaxing ride.

3. Think of how many bed time moments lead to quarrels in stead of enjoying peace and togetherness before family members doze off into sleep.

Most of these happen because the driver made a wrong turn, or the map navigator made a wrong readout, or the cook cut the meat or veggies differently, or  someone forgot to turn the lights off downstairs, or someone didn't put things away the way the other wants you to.

The world is short of understanding and patience. Everybody demands it but no one wants to give it. People are nitpickers, complainers, faultfinders. Yet, they feel highly offended when they are put on the receiving end.

People value possessions and achievements more than people and relationships. They will sacrifice time with family for projects, purchases, and hobbies that please them. They will disregard friendships and lose respect for the feelings of people just to achieve what they desire.

People love themselves more than they do others. Many may see nothing wrong with that. It's only right that you love yourself most. But is it really right? For believers of the Bible, a principle taught there is that one ought to love others the same way one loves himself or herself. The Bible talks about equal love. The love you give yourself should be expressed and extended to others as well. If you highly love yourself, highly love others as well. Something is wrong when you want love but are unwilling to give it away. A funny illustration would be those on Social Media who employ nasty methods to gain following and likes. They want followers and likes but they don't want to give a follow or a like.

If you value yourself, value others as well. This mindset allows you to nurture a considerate heart, an understanding heart, a generous heart, and so much more.

If you want to be understood, seek to understand. If you want to receive tolerance to weaknesses, be tolerant with others as well. If you want to be forgiven, be forgiving to faults.

I've seen people struggle with problems, I've experienced being in the company of those who've lost someone or something that's highly necessary to life and living. I've felt pain and heartaches so intense. In all these experiences, I am thankful. Because of them, I don't waste time arguing about the right color or arrangement of objects. I don't waste time worrying about what people think of me nor do I waste time trying to make an impression. I don't waste time talking about other people. Life is important. The people in my life are important. They are more important than the approval of friends, co-workers, bosses. Their feelings are more important than my flimsy preferences.

Daily I'm being taught to learn to let go of trivial matters to deepen my relationships. Daily, I'm being taught to love others as I want to be loved. Daily, I'm being taught to love and do things for people just because I am able to. I'm not saying I'm doing a great job at all these. I'm saying, I'm learning.... daily...


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