News: Fortnite Game is Free to Play

Fortnite is a "battle royal" game released by Epic Games late last year. Advertised as a cross between Left 4 Dead and Minecraft, this is a fast-paced survival action game that is fast becoming more and more popular among kids and adults. With the announcement of a US$ 100 million prize, gamers will surely make efforts to get even better and better at it.

The Premise
Players leap out from a plane and drops down into a small island. It's a fight till one man is left standing. Hidden items and weapons are up for grabs. Towers and forts are buildable for defense. The playing area shrinks as the game progresses.

The Players
Team up with one or a group.

The Freebie:
Fortnite Battle Royal Mode is free to play and you can be more than content with doing the free play. Extras are unlockable. Battle Pass subscriptions are at $10 and you get new weekly challenge plus more customisation.

The Platform:
Fortnite is available on PC, Playstation, Xbox, some iOS phones, and soon on Android.

Parental Advisory:
Relatively safe. Violence is not hardcore. An online Fortnite community boasts of being good-natured, unlike other toxic gaming forums.

Download Fortnite here:
Fortnite Battle Royale

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