Why Am I Sleepy During the Day?

What's causing your eyes and brain to shut down during the day? Why can't you keep your eyes open just when you really need to get some work or reading done? Here are some of the reasons why you are sleepy during the day.

Too many carbs

If you're not careful, you can over-consume carbohydrates. And when you're takin in more carbohydrates than you can burn, you will get sleepy. Dr. Libby says it's either because your insulin levels are high or you might be gluten intolerant. Eat pasta, bread, potatoes and rice in moderation and space them properly.

Rooibos tea works on you

Not everyone feels the effects of South African tea, Rooibos; but if you do, then Ernest du Toi (spokesperson for SA Rooibos Council) says Rooibos may be working for you. It lowers the level of Cortisone thereby lowering your body's stress level and puts you in a conducive state for sleep.

Light or fragmented sleep

Light or fragmented sleep during the night will naturally make your body sleepy during the day as it struggles to complete the number of hours of sleep that it needs.


Staring at screens, extended reading,  and driving long distances can cause eye strain. Putting your eyes to work for extended periods of time will make your eyes want to close on their own. Often, the exertion of focus will make you sleepy afterwards. Wrong spectacles may also make you sleepy or worse, dizzy.

Poor air quality or circulation

Too little fresh air causes sleepiness. Being in cramped offices with little ventilation will make you sleepy. Some call it as "Sleepy Office Syndrome". It's because you're getting more CO2 than you need and the brain is reacting to the lack of oxygen. Exposing yourself in this type of environment for long periods of time may escalate your problem from just sleepiness to Sick Building Syndrome, which is a real health problem that is accompanied by disease and various illnesses.

photo credit to: mathey


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