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Sharing the Gospel: The Essentials

Image For some, sharing the Gospel to friends and family may be easy. For others, it can be difficult, awkward, and even scary. When you do get the chance to share your faith, it is important to get all the essentials across for you never know when you may get another chance to share God's love and plan of salvation for them. What are essential Gospel truths a person should understand and realize? 1. Man is bound for hell because he carries a sinful nature. A person will never see his need for Christ if he doesn't realize that he carries the sinful nature he inherited from the first human parents, Adam and Eve. God can never look upon sin and His abode (heaven) can never permit sin to enter. (Romans 6:23). One must realize that sin has doomed him to hell and if he doesn't address this problem, he will end up in that real place one day, for all eternity. 2. Christ came to rescue us from the penalty and power of si

Blake Lively's Latest Instagram Posts (Gender Equality on Social Media is Confusing)

Image You never really know what comments you are going to get when you post something online.  It can also be confusing when you expect that people who believe in something will be consistent about that belief yet fail to be so. Also,  at a time when everyone is into #MeToo, #NoToMarginalization, #EqualityRights, and all that stuff, you'd expect celebrities and authorities to be more careful with what they present to the public. Whatever the plan is with Blake Lively's latest Instagram Posts, it's definitely confusing. Just by looking at the numerous comments she's been getting, many have been reading the images as racist or objectifiying men. Here are some snaps: quoted a comment by one of the fans, who kind of nailed it when he or she said: But then again, the image caption says "It's Not What You Think". So, other than, "It's a promotion for Blake Lively's upc

From Newsweek: Teenager Lost At Sea Drew Strength From Parents' Faith

It's good to read news articles that include the spiritual aspect of  an event or story. A Newsweek article published on September 24, 2018 starts off by saying, " Reading the Bible and remembering the advice of his parents gave a teenager cast adrift on the Pacific the motivation to keep fighting for his life. " Aldi Novel Adilang was the teenager referred to here. A one-year contract that paid $134 monthly had  him working 80 miles far out from the coast of Indonesia on a floating fish trap to light lamps and attract fish. Harvesters will come once each week to gather the fish and replenish the rompong (fish trap) with food, fuel, and water. On July 14, the moorings snapped due to heavy wind and he began drifting. He was thousands of miles towards Guam within seven weeks. For survival, he had to use the wood from the hut itself to cook fish. There were times he had to eat the fish raw. He also used the only clothes he had, which he wore, to filter salt from th

Resource: Sermon for Children (2 Tim. 3:16)

Image Here is a sermon resource for children's worship:

Resource: Sermon for Children (Acts 17:28)

Image Here is a sermon resource for Children's Worship: Rely on God

An interesting Read: Bin Chickens Challenge Evolution

Image Here's an article from the Brisbane times: How Bin Chickens Held Back the Theory of Evolution for Decades

Walking in Grace: Romans 6

Image The author of Romans 6 corrects any wrong thinking a Christian might have about "free grace" and freedom in Christ. Indeed we are freely saved as we freely receive God's gift of salvation. But we ought to remember that the cost of that freedom was never free. God exacted the full cost of that freedom on Christ, and we see the weight of that sacrifice in John 17. Christ agonised in the garden of Gethsemane for over what was to come. It would be the first time Christ was to taste death. As God, He was not familiar with that. He was and is forever alive. It would be the first time Christ will face separation from the GodHead. As God, He has never experienced that. From eternity past, the triune God was one, always together, never apart. And now, at one point, the Father would have to turn away from God the Son as Christ the Messiah, man's one and only perfect offering, bears the sin of all mankind. The way to freedom