Blake Lively's Latest Instagram Posts (Gender Equality on Social Media is Confusing)

You never really know what comments you are going to get when you post something online.  It can also be confusing when you expect that people who believe in something will be consistent about that belief yet fail to be so. Also,  at a time when everyone is into #MeToo, #NoToMarginalization, #EqualityRights, and all that stuff, you'd expect celebrities and authorities to be more careful with what they present to the public.

Whatever the plan is with Blake Lively's latest Instagram Posts, it's definitely confusing. Just by looking at the numerous comments she's been getting, many have been reading the images as racist or objectifiying men. Here are some snaps: quoted a comment by one of the fans, who kind of nailed it when he or she said:

But then again, the image caption says "It's Not What You Think". So, other than, "It's a promotion for Blake Lively's upcoming movie "A Simple Favor"", they may have a profound and non-offending explanation for these images.


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