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8 Ways To Stay Warm During Winter or Cold Weather

Image Keep yourself warm and avoid sickness during winter or cold season. Here are some tips: 1. Layer with heat-warming and insulating materials. You can wear multiple layers of clothing but if the materials aren't right, layering would be useless. Some of the best cold or winter materials are fleece, wool, flannel. keep warm 2. Wear thick and moisture wicking socks. When your feet get cold, you'll eventually feel cold all over. Thick socks trap more warm air and moisture wicking socks eliminate sweating. This is important because sweaty feet equals cold feet.  keep warm 3. Use pool noodles and apply weather stripping to doors and windows. Block the draft out by putting  pool noodles under your door. Weather strip doors and windows to minimise heat loss.  keep warm 4. Do more baking and roasting during winter or cold weather. Naturally warm up your home by scheduling more use of the oven during winter or the cold season. 

News: Hopes Up For Thai Cave Rescue Operations on 12 Youth Soccer Players & Coach

Image Photo from this article from Updated info 8:50 AM AEST: The weakest were extracted first. Latest from ABC.Net. au on the first rescue mission After 16 days of being trapped inside the Tham Luang cave, four youths of the Wild Boars Thai soccer player team were rescued last night. The official press conference informed the public that the next rescue mission attempt will start within 10 to 20 hours as oxygen tanks need refilling. We know that not one of them have had the experience of diving, with some who don't even kow how to swim. With the rescue operation, two divers are tasked for each child. thai cave rescue Image provided by in this article here . Risks were laboriously evaluated and hard decisions had to be made. The

12 Tips To Slow-Cooking Success

Image Here are 12 tips for better results with your slow cooker or Crockpot: 1.For stews and dishes that must turn out saucy or soupy, add at least .5 cup of liquid. Broth, water, sauces, some juice, or wine are some of your options. s low cooker 2. For baked dishes, remember to line the top with paper towels and secure with lid. This prevents condensation liquid to fall on your baked product. Take care when opening the lid. The tissue may fall and the liquids may spill onto your finished goodies. 3. Cut vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots in larger sizes. This gives you rightly cooked veggies, not mushy, overcooked ones. s low cooker 4. Don't fill your ceramic pot. Maintain content to halfway or 3/4ths full for even cooking and better heat circulation. 5. Use slow cooker liner or baking paper for baking dishes. This makes for easy cleaning afterwards. Remember to grease liners with butter or oil spray.