News: Hopes Up For Thai Cave Rescue Operations on 12 Youth Soccer Players & Coach
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The weakest were extracted first.

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After 16 days of being trapped inside the Tham Luang cave, four youths of the Wild Boars Thai soccer player team were rescued last night. The official press conference informed the public that the next rescue mission attempt will start within 10 to 20 hours as oxygen tanks need refilling. We know that not one of them have had the experience of diving, with some who don't even kow how to swim. With the rescue operation, two divers are tasked for each child. thai cave rescue
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Risks were laboriously evaluated and hard decisions had to be made. The option to wait out the monsoon rains proved more dangerous as it could take 4 months to let the heavy rains pass and all that time could further seal the Tham Luang cave and doom the Wild Boars Thai soccer player team and coach trapped inside. There was zero option to train the kids first in diving before commencing with the extraction as the rescue was deemed a "race against time and water." Weather was favorable the past couple of days. Some water had receded and efforts from the team to pump water out lowered water levels inside the Tham Luang cave. This lessened the time of diving as they gained more ground. thai cave rescue

With difficulty, they decided to bring out the healthiest ones first. This move gave them a better understanding of the situation and the challenges they need to prepare for as they extract the weaker ones later on. This move also hopefully further boosts the morale of the remaining Wild Boars Thai soccer player team and coach. Knowing all safely made it out will heighten their spirits and keep them positive all throughout the dangers of getting out of the Tham Luang cave. thai cave rescue

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