8 Ways To Stay Warm During Winter or Cold Weather


Keep yourself warm and avoid sickness during winter or cold season. Here are some tips:

1. Layer with heat-warming and insulating materials.
You can wear multiple layers of clothing but if the materials aren't right, layering would be useless. Some of the best cold or winter materials are fleece, wool, flannel. keep warm

2. Wear thick and moisture wicking socks.
When your feet get cold, you'll eventually feel cold all over. Thick socks trap more warm air and moisture wicking socks eliminate sweating. This is important because sweaty feet equals cold feet. keep warm

3. Use pool noodles and apply weather stripping to doors and windows.
Block the draft out by putting  pool noodles under your door. Weather strip doors and windows to minimise heat loss. keep warm

4. Do more baking and roasting during winter or cold weather.
Naturally warm up your home by scheduling more use of the oven during winter or the cold season. keep warm

5. Wear a bonnet and cover your ears.
Harvard health shares that the head has little subcutaneous fat and can easily get cold. When the head gets cold, the blood vessels may then constrict, causing you to feel cold down to your hands and feet; even if you are wearing gloves and socks. So, wear a bonnet to help keep yourself warm for longer. You may additionally use ear muffs. keep warm

6. Wear appropriate footwear.
Invest in at least a pair of weather resistant boots that provide insulation. At minimum, two pairs are highly recommended for those who go out on a daily basis. Wear the other pair while you dry out the pair you wore the day before.

7. Reverse your ceiling fans.
Running the blades counter clockwise helps push warm air back down. keep warm

8. Plan hot, spicy dishes during the cold, winter season.
Spicy dishes warm you inside out. Spice up your meals and soups to a tolerable level.


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