12 Tips To Slow-Cooking Success


Here are 12 tips for better results with your slow cooker or Crockpot:

1.For stews and dishes that must turn out saucy or soupy, add at least .5 cup of liquid. Broth, water, sauces, some juice, or wine are some of your options. slow cooker

2. For baked dishes, remember to line the top with paper towels and secure with lid. This prevents condensation liquid to fall on your baked product. Take care when opening the lid. The tissue may fall and the liquids may spill onto your finished goodies.

3. Cut vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots in larger sizes. This gives you rightly cooked veggies, not mushy, overcooked ones.slow cooker

4. Don't fill your ceramic pot. Maintain content to halfway or 3/4ths full for even cooking and better heat circulation.

5. Use slow cooker liner or baking paper for baking dishes. This makes for easy cleaning afterwards. Remember to grease liners with butter or oil spray.slow cooker

6. Lock in seasonings to your meat by searing them in the pan first with spices. 

7. Thicken soupy dishes by adding corn flour mixed with cold water.

8. Open the lid only if and when necessary.

9. Mix dairy ingredients like sour cream, heavy cream, cheese, etc. near the end.

10. Trim fat. Leave less fat in the cooker.slow cooker

11. Don't use icy cold or frozen ingredients.

12. Remember to grease the ceramic insert before putting all your meat, veggies, and liquids in.

End Note:
 Suggested cooking conversion from recipetips.com: slow cooker


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