Container Gardening: Planting KangKong in Pots (Water Spinach)

Kang kong is a well-known leafy vegetable used in many Philippine dishes. It is quite easy to grow they say. There was a time when you can find kangkong patches on most streets in the neighborhood. It is also called water spinach or swamp cabbage. It thrives in wet, moist areas. Many grow it solely in water. It quickly grows under sunny spots but carers should keep the soil moist. Else, it may die.

Some tips:

  • Not much intstructions on planting. Just bury the seed and keep the soil moist or muddy. 
  • Kangkong grows all year round. Cut maybe an inch or two above the soil for continued regrowth and harvesting. Winter may see your plant dying but often, it regrows by spring.
  • You may fertilize with nitrogen twice a month.
  • You may harvest whole plants at about 1 to 2 months.
  • Kangkong has the tendency to spread. Grow in a container for easy maintenance or harvest whole plants to control your supply.
  • It is best to use potting soil for your containers. Putting regular soil in restricted pots may hamper growth size and quantity.
  • Don't let your pot or plot (where you've planted them) dry out. Kangkong loves moisture and wetness. You may choose a shadier spot to plant them at to begin with.
  • If you plan to collect seeds, let the plant flower and dry the seeds for planting.
  • Prevent your kangkong patch from becoming rootbound by replanting some (or start anew) on a new container.
  • All parts are edible. Leaves wilt quickly upon cooking but the stems take time to cook.
  • Plant cuttings that are about 30cm or more long.
  • Pots may be at minimum of 6 inches since Kangkong is a shallow plant.
  • From planting to harvest: 1 month earliest.

For reference:
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