Where To Buy Cheap Seeds in Australia


Here are some sites that sell affordable vegetable and flower seeds for garden planting or container gardening. Source your potted plant seeds from:

Boondie Seeds. This Australia seed business sells non gmo seeds from locally grown seeds. Some rare vegetable seeds are available. You can find Asian vegetable seeds like Chinese Kale, KangKong, and more here. You can buy small quantity packs of herbs, flower seeds, and other vegetable seeds at affordable prices. Shipping rate of $2 minimum.

The Seed Collection also sells non GMO and non-chemically treated sells vegetable seeds, flower seeds, other seeds from Ferntree Gully, Victoria. Adam Brody has been running the operation since 2010. Like Boondie Seeds, the prices are affordable and small quantity packs are available. Shipping rate of $2 minimum.

FairDinkum sells vegetable seeds, flower seeds and other seeds in Queensland. Offers free postage Australiawide.

Backyard Seeds sell Heirloom vegetable and herb seeds. $2 minimum postage.

4 Seasons Seeds sells rare and specialty seeds and plants. $5 postage Australiawide

The Lost Seed sells rarer and heirloom seeds,grains. $3.5 minimum postage.

Following are more sites you can buy seeds from, but shipping can cost a bit more:

Gardenexpress.com.au sells vegetable seeds, flower seeds and tubers. But shipments are more costly.

Greenpatchseeds.com.au sells vegetable seeds, flower seeds

Mr. Fothergills sells vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and tubers.

Australian Seed

Australian Plants Online sells seeds and plants.


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