Australian Honey

With news coming out in recent past over contaminated honey being sold on shelves in Australia, local products suffered with the spread of doubts on the integrity of locally produced honey. If you came across this looking brands to buy, here are some options to check out:

  • Beechworth Honey. The founder, Jodie Goldsworthy, is actively working towards eliminating fake honey circulation in Australia. She heads the Global Federation of Beekeeper's Association. Here are some info articles:

Just so you know, Capilano brand was found among those who sold adulterated honey.

Tasmanian  Leatherwood Honey

Leatherwood honey is specific to Tasmania. It is a unique kind found only in Tasmania. A lot of beekeepers sell organic, raw leatherwood honey; some of which are:
  • Australian Honey Products. The company's product was selected as best honey in a global gathering held in Korea. Check info articles here:

For honey variants, check out's guide to Australian Honey.


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