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14 Meal Deals and Food Specials in Noosa

There's something good (and fun) in having food you like at bargain prices. It adds more deliciousness to your meal time. Here are some promotional offers in Australia, most are available everywhere, but these I'm posting are definitely available in Noosa. (Note that all photos were grabbed from the official sites. I don't own these shots.)

9 pieces of KFC chicken in a bucket for AUD$ 9.95 happens on Tuesdays. This is a great deal because regular pieces go for a minimum of $1.66 each. Philippine KFC makes it more tasty. But the good thing about KFC here is less salt, less oil, and fresher meat. KFC has rolled out its mobile app ordering. It lets you skip queues instore.

Pizza Hut Double Deal Tuesdays Meal Deal and Food Specials
While most may agree with me that Pizza Hut cannot measure up with authentic, gourmet, specialty pizzas, this double deal and other deals measure up when it comes to value for price. Eat your Pizza Hut slice as soon as it is served and it's actually great tasting.

Current promotions are 2 for 1 11-inch large pizzas. We love these stuffed crust for an additional $3 in Noosa and free in other areas like Melbourne and Sydney. Orders must be a variant costing $12.95 and above. Another promotion is the 3 for $13 9-inch medium pizzas and 2 for $10 9-inch medium pizzas. I love these thin n' crispy. Parsley, Oregano, Chili flakes, and Garlic are free add-ons. Some drizzles will cost you .50. Additional toppings at $2 or $3. Order online for easy pick-up.

Krispy Kreme Dozen Deal in Noosa
Some can't resist the sinfully appealing taste of Krispy Kremes. These are high sugar comfort foods and I take them occasionally and in dozens. Per piece at 7-11, it will cost you $2.75 for original glazed and $3.50 for other variants. It's $11 for a 4-pack and $20 for a dozen originals. $23 for a dozen mixed doughnuts. 

In other areas, you can get good prizes at main branches.  We can only get them at 7-11 here. Check out the official Krispy Kreme site here.

For a quick fix, 7-11 can offer you a lot of choices besides their $1 coffees. Check out their regular promotions here.

Voted best burger in Queensland. Offers Free Chips on Tuesdays.
Offers lunch specials from 11 AM to 2 PM
Pasta Pronto Noosa's Free Movie Ticket Meal Deal
A freshly made, authentic Italian pasta meal plus free ticket to the movies at Noosa 5 Event Cinema for $34 per person. Just $2 for additional wine. Movie tickets cost $18.50 and up.

Domino's Pizza
Also has 2 for 1 pizza Tuesdays, $5 pick-up pizzas, and other special offers. Check out offers for Noosa area here.

Zachary's Specials Meal Deal and Food Specials
Celebrating on a budget? Take your date out for lunch at Zachary's Hastings or Zachary's Noosaville (Gympie) for some great value lunch specials. These run from 12-4 P.M. daily:
Lunch Specials (12-4pm daily)

$35 for 2 (Hasting's only)
Any large pizza with 2 drinks (Asahi, house wine or bubbles, soft drinks)

$35 Share Platter for 2 (Hastings and Noosaville)
“From the Sea” with calamari, seared prawns, smoked salmon & beer battered fish with Garden Salad & Fries

The Imperial Hotel Eumundi Specials Meal Deal and Food Specials
Find it at 7 DAYS A WEEK 10AM TILL LATE  on 1 Etheridge St, Eumundi QLD 4562. Contact at (07) 5442 8811.

  1. $15 for 200 grams of steak. Add a toper for $7. Get it on Wednesdays.
  2. Dine at full price for adult and $5 kids meals.
  3. $15 pizza nights on Mondays from 5:30- 8:30 P.M.
  4. Free side or topper for any main purchase of $25 and up. Available on Thursdsays, 5:30-8:30 P.M.

Sushi Yah Man Lunch Specials
Find $14 to $17 rice bowl lunch specials from 11 AM to 3 PM. Opens daily, except Mondays. 7 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa. Check out Counter Menu here.

Gusto Riverfront Restaurant offers monthly specials. For October, it's:

$27 OCTOBER LUNCH SPECIAL , Mon. to Sat. except holidays
Bbq’d za’atar pork fillets, apple,
raisin & almond cous cous, yoghurt
Inc a glass of house dry white/shiraz,
soft drink or coffee.

$36 SUNDAY LUNCH ROAST $36 SUNDAY LUNCH ROAST out of the oven at 12 noon, available until sold out.
Roast Bangalow pork belly, crackling, mash, green beans, buttered cabbage, apple sauce & a side of cauliflower & cheese. side of cauliflower & cheese

Make inquiries and bookings at:
Gusto Riverfront Restaurant, 257 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville Qld 4566.  P.  07 5449 7144

Asian Cuisine lovers must try the food here. Find dishes offered on Sundays at Noosa Public Market. The Grill Pork Belly Sandwiches are so worth the $5 price. 

Food Specials run regularly at Embassy XO Corner Duke & Bryan St, Sunshine Beach. Make reservations at (07) 5455 4460.

You can have the Yum Cha banquet menu for $38 per person. Choice of traditional and vegetarian. Runs from Friday to Sunday, 12pm to 2pm. You get one of each dish. Individual prices are shown on the right.

Noosa Springs Prawns Special this October
Free glass of wine to go with your Prawns for lunch. $25 this October. Choose from:
Find it on 10 Memorial St, Tewantin. $13 specials. Affordable coffees and drinks.

More info on Meal Deal and Food Specials
The Urban List has a recent article on 50 cheap eats on the Sunshine Coast here.
Stay updated on all event and meal specials in Noosa here.

More food places you may want to check out:
  1. Noosa Surf Club on Hastings St., Meal prices at average prices.
  2. Noosa Reef Hotel is home to UFC live fights. Watch UFC Free in Noosa. Free UFC viewing when you dine in .View the menu here.
  3. Tewantin Noosa RSL holds regular promotions for both members and nonmembers. Check the menus here.
  4. Makimoto Japanese Restaurant on Hastings.
  5. Maisie's Seafood and Steak Restaurant offers value meals for family. Find it on Gympie Terrace, Noosaville. Check out the menu here.
  6. Betty's Burgers on Hastings is popular for its tasty and affordable burgers. Queues can run long. Order online, pick up instore.
  7. Moto. Bikes, Beers, Coffee. Check it out on 66 Noosa Drive. Affordable prices.


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