Container Gardening: Planting Black Beauty Eggplants in Pots

Today I planted black beauty eggplants in a pot. I love eating eggplants. In the Philippines, tortang talong is a common dish taken with steamed rice. Some use a dipping sauce to go along with it, a combination of fish sauce, chili (siling labuyo), calamansi or lime, and sometimes with diced tomatoes. Eggplant parmigiana is also a favorite dish. If it weren't so oily, I'd have that a lot. When my planting bears fruit, I will venture into slow-cooking eggplant parmigiana sans the oil.

There are many types of eggplants you can grow. I chanced upon cheap seeds at the Reject Shop by D.T. Brown for AUD$1.50 so I got a pack. Info at the back shows:

Here are more info I came across with on the net:

  1. Black Beauty eggplants don't need staking, sites say.
  2. 12-14 inch pots are advisable or 5 gallon sizes.
  3. Black beauty eggplants grow up to 3 feet tall. These do well in containers and pots.
  4. Black beauty eggplant love a full sun.
  5. On average, each plant yields 2 to 4 eggplants.
  6. Pick while skin is glossy and smooth (regardless of size); dull appearance is a sign of over-ripeness. Consuming when rightly ripe lessens the bitterness. Leave a short stub of stem when you cut off fruits.
  7. Eggplants are self-pollinating, often easy to grow and highly yielding. Shorten the waiting time by hand pollinating your eggplant plant. (that sounded strange.)
  8. Harvest in 3 to 4 months.


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