Container Gardening: Planting Lettuce in Pots

Today, I've planted some mixed lettuce seeds in a seeding pot. Multiple sites say lettuce is one of the easiest and fast-growing vegetable you can plant in a garden or in a container. It seems true in my case here in Queensland. Update: It's October 9 and I can see seedlings already. (sown Oct 4)

I've come across a ton of information and I'll be sharing the most common info you can read across sites. Initially, you can check out Migardener's tutorial on planting lettuce in a container here: container gardening

What to remember from the vid:
  • Give your potted lettuce 4 to no more than 7 hours of sun daily. Else, they will become bitter in taste.
  • You may fill the pot with lots of seeds but remember to water often and to fertilise every two weeks. Do these if you plan to harvest muultiple times using the cut and come again method, where you cut loose leaves on the side and cut the leaves above the crown to facilitate a regrow. container gardening

Here's some info on growing lettuce in containers:

  1. Pre-soak lettuce seeds for 16-24 hours for faster germination. Prefer the use of hot water.
  2. Lettuce have shallow roots. You can grow them in small pots, 6 inches minimum. Use ones with good drainage as lettuce hates wet roots.
  3. Loose leaves do much better and grow quicker than head variants in containers.
  4. Plant shallow. Deep planting the seeds may kill them.
  5. Sow every two weeks for constant supply.
  6. Greens need lots of water so water regularly. Deep watering is not necessary.
  7. Younger and early cuttings give the best tasting leaves. You may cut when leaves grow between 3 to 5 inches above the soil line. container gardening

Some resource links of interest:


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