Container Gardening: Planting Paris Silverskin Onions in Pots

Today I've resown Paris silverskin onion directly in a small round pot. My first seeds sown have not really sprouted and it's over one month now. And this is all the growth it's shown:

So, I'm trying direct this time. Here are some info I've come across with:

First, from the pack:

  1. Known also as Allium Cepa, Silverskin onions are also known as pickling onions. Plant all year round. Harvest all year round. They grow about half an inch to 1 inch in diameter. Plant height at 20 cm. Small in size, mild in flavor. On the sweet side.
  2. Grows well in pots.
  3. Loves moist soil and full sun.
  4. It's time to harvest when foliage turns brown and dries up.
  5. Fruit within 8 to 12 weeks. Sow monthly for continuous supply.
  6. Harvest when stems are yellow and have fallen, and when bulbs have swollen. Don't wait too long if you want onions sweet and tasty. You may bend stems over to hasten the process.
  7. slightly lift onions to snap roots if they don't need further growth.
  8. you may leave for 14 days for further drying then lift out of the ground. further dry for up to 4 weeks before storing.
  9. keeps for 7 months max in cool and dry place.


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