News: Oscars 2017 Best Picture Mix-up

from eonline page:
Confusion still filled the air about the real cause of the mix-up specially with Emma Stone saying she held on to the best actress announcement card which had her name and "La La Land" written on it. Remember that as Warren Beatty explained, he saw her name and "La La Land" on the card, hence, the reason for quite a delay in their announcement of the Best Picture Winner. As was explained, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were handed the Best Actress Announcement Card by mistake.

Just in from BBC News, it seems there are 2 sets of Announcement Cards per category. One would be handed out, the other that remained was a back-up card of some sort. Check out the full write-up here:

Here is Jimmy Kimmel's explanation on his night show.
Here is CNN's cover of the story
and Eonline's cover, here.

Jimmy Kimmel jokingly blamed Steve Harvey. Check out Steve's reaction here.


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