Health: Sleepy and Tired all the Time?

Lately, I've been feeling sleepy and tired often during the day. Normally, my energy tide goes the usual path; high in the morning and low in the evenings at a steady receding pace. But episodes of sleepiness and tiredness are becoming more frequent nowadays and it bothers me that they come a lot of times during the day. Naps beckon me and I hate taking one because when I nap, I tend to extend. I lose a lot of daytime hours when I nap, and for this reason, I refrain from indulging in one. However, my mind and body tends to demand it these days.

So, I observed my body, read up, and here's what I found:

What Makes You Sleepy and Tired

Too Much Sugar Intake
You may be consuming too much sugar throughout the day, so watch it. Sugar can give you a rush or that instant boost. Bu it costs you. That shortlived state dies soon. Sugars increase your body metabolism making you feel energized at the same triggering a release of insulin from your pancreas. Once sugar is burnt your body feels sleepy and tired because insulin causes blood sugar levels to drop. You may also feel cravings coming on as the body tries to compensate. 
Cure: Space sugar intake properly 

Sugar Sensitivity
Hereditary Fructose Intolerance or Fructose Malabsorption causes sleepiness and tiredness when you consume high amounts of sugar. The first condition requires you to abstain from sugar all your life, while the second entails reduction in sugar intake and switching to sugar-free options. Have yourself tested if you suspect to have any of these two.
Cure: No more sugar for you or go sugar-free 

The instability of sugar levels can cause chronic sleepiness and tiredness in diabetics. With high glucose levels, circulation slows down hindering cells from accessing oxygen and nutrients needed. Low levels fail to supply fuel cells need to function well.
Cure: Take prescribed medications.

 Overweight or Obesity
 A BMI>25 puts you in the overweight category while a BMI>30 classifies you with the obese and both are directly linked causes of daytime sleepiness (Hypersommia) and tiredness. 
Cure: WE gotta lose the weight not to get thin but to get healthy.

Lack or Excess of Nighttime Shuteye
The National Sleep Foundation interestingly gave modified recommendations on healthy sleeping hours per age category. Anything more or less affects daytime health and performance.
Cure: Sleep right!

 Eye Problems
Blurred vision, eye strain, insufficient eye grade glasses add stress to the body as the eyes and brain struggle to focus and process information.
Cure: Have your eyes checked. Wear corrective or updated lenses. Apply topical meds.

Insufficient or Excessive Lighting
Improper lighting can cause eye fatigue while Excessive (Over-illumination) lighting may also cause the same.
Cure: Be sensitive to how much you light you need in your work area. Avoid working directly in front of a sunlit window. Have your back or side towards it. Adjust computer monitor brightness to what is suitable.

Lack of Physical Activity
Physical activity is needed to stimulate circulation and heart and body muscle movements. With that, oxygen and nutrients flow around your body and gets your cardiovascular system working more efficiently. Hence, you get energized.
Cure: Exercise. Get your moves on.


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