Devotional: Knowing & Following God

"That the generation to come might know, & children still to be born may arise & recount them to their children, that they should place their confidence in God & not forget the works of God, & not be like their fathers—a generation that did not prepare its heart to know & follow God, whose spirit was not faithful to God." Ps 78:6-9

The heart must be prepared to know and follow God. One does not wait for inspiration or desire to follow after God. To prepare is to ready oneself, to put oneself in the proper posture to know and follow the Master. There is to be commitment and yieldedness.

Here I also see, that my children can grow up putting their confidence in God, only if they grow up seeing Him truly at work, truly real. and parents must help their children be sensitive and aware to the workings of God in their families. My kids should see God ultimately making things happen in our lives, not me, not my husband. Our mandate is to point them to God and to rear them in the knowledge and experience of our Lord.


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