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5 Spots You Must Visit in Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Noosa is a very good place to take a holiday or vacation at. The weather is not too cold and not too warm. Well, you may get some very hot days, but, generally, the weather is good for anything you'd like to do. You can go surfing, swimming, tanning, walking, jogging, running, and more. There are great spots to do photography and meditative relaxation.

Life is a bit laid back here. The Council has done well in preventing the area from becoming too modernized. You still have shops and business centers but the main highlight and the most overpowering presence is nature and its awesome sceneries. Parks abound so you'd have good places where you can sit back and joyfully sip your favorite coffee, cappuccino, or hot mocha.

Following are  some spots you ought to check out on your visit to Noosa. Make sure to bring a camera the first time you go there.

1. Hastings Street

Make sure you check out Hastings Street at least once during the day, and once during the night. You get 2 different scenes and 2 different vibes of the area. Lots of shops to check, lots of foods to sample, and lots of beverages to try!

Here are some great options:

  • Massimo's Gelateria, must-flavor to try is "Lychee", cheapest option is the Tub where you get to sample a number of flavors
  • 10Hastings is  a boutique motel that offers one of the most affordable food and coffee drinks on Hastings. They have regular food specials like breakfast and lunch combos. Hot Mocha tastes great here.
  • Nosh Express offers affordable soups and salads. 

2. Noosa Main Beach
If you are already on Hastings St., you definitely must walk across and cut through Noosa Main Beach, it's only a few meters away. Have a quick dip or a long one. Get awesome sunrise and sunset photos, and birds photos as well.

3. Noosa National Park

You must do the coastal track of this park on your visit. It gives you a most spectacular view of the beaches and surf spots around the coast.


See dolphins and whales pass by as you trek this breathtaking and truly scenic 5.2 km path. Check out Hell's Gates on your jog or walk.  On your first try, you'd want to bring a camera 'cause there are definitely lots of must-take shots along the path. Try it a second time (and more) for pure leisure and exercise.

4. Coolum (Coolum Beach)


You definitely must check out the Coolum Boardwalk featured above. It gives a good view of Mt. Coolum and the beach beside you. You also have Mt. Coolum National Park to experience. Coolum at the Beach gives you more interesting info and ideas about Coolum and Noosa as well as the Sunshinecoast Daily's article.

Another great view for photography or simple unwinding is at Point Perry:

Try the Calamari at Coolum Seafood (grab some chips too), Cheap and great-tasting!

5. Belmondos Organic Market


Belmondos offers certified organic fruits, veggies, pantry supplies, baking supplies, and more. You may also get organic  Eumundi Meats. Meals are served by Vanilla Food. Tanglewood Organic Sourdough Bakery bakes great-smelling, great-tasting breads and baked products. Yukti Botanicals manufactures and offers Ayuvedic health supplements. Noosa Cleanse Certified Organic Cold Press Juices & Cleanses will definitely satisfy your thirst for healthy drinks and coffee lovers!, coffee lovers must, must try a cup or two at the award winning specialty coffee roastery, Clandestino Coffee Roasters. Seriously, baristas make great coffee beverages at this Clandestino branch. They brew different kinds of Clandestino Roasts so, make sure you get to try Clandestino roasted products at this place. Coffee beans are sold there as well.

There you go, 5 must-visit spots. Enjoy!


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