Devotional: To Long for God

Man left to himself tends to always see everything that's wrong around him; speaking & thinking evil is easier than speaking & thinking good. Complaining is easier than thanking. The book of Psalms talks about man's tendency to do wrong, speaking untruths, hurting & deceiving others with words & actions. And from the life of David I am reminded that even a devout Christian may sin at any time.

Psalm 53 also says God looks down from heaven at the human race to see if there is anyone who is wise, who seeks & longs for God.

Today, God has spoken to my heart, rebuking and reminding me that when life pursuits and ministry are focused on God, I look less on other people & circumstances. I mind not having less and others having more. I focus more on how I fare before God and on how He wants me to live before Him. I see that forever I am never worthy or better than others. I see that forever I am sustained and blessed by grace. I remain humble, I remain teachable, I remain dependent. But I am so prone to wander.

So Lord I pray for the Spirit to nurture in me a lifelong longing after You.


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