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Bible Lesson: Easy Bible Facts

Here are some basic and easy bible facts you should know about:

  1. The Bible is a collection of books. The selection for inclusion followed certain criteria. Check here.
  2. The Bible has 2 sections. The Old Testament and The New Testament.
  3. The Old Testament has 39 books. The New Testament has 27. Total: 66.
  4. The Old Testament covers the time period before Christ was revealed.
  5. The New Testmant covers everything during the time of Christ, the church, and letters to the churches.
  6. Moses contributed the most books in the OT, namely the Pentateuch (Gen-Deut)
  7. The Apostle Paul contributed the most books in the NT.
  8. It is commonly held that Job is the oldest book of the Bible.
  9. The Bible was written in three languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek.
  10. The first English translation was made by John Wycliffe.
  11. The longest book is Psalms and the longest chapter is 119.
  12.  The person who ever lived the longest was Methuselah (969 years old). Genesis 5.
  13. Two persons (simply humans) did not see death on earth: Enoch and Elijah.
  14. Gutenberg produced the first ever printed bible.


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