English Vocabulary: Opress and Repress vs. Supress

*simple, straight to the point, just the way you like it

  1. Opress:  to keep down by force or by authority or position, to keep in subjection, to burden or weigh heavily upon,
  2. Repress: to unconsiously hold something back or forget, to unintentionally make yourself unaware
  3.  Supress to intentionally forget, inhibit or set aside, to keep something from being revealed, to avoid revealing or bringing out

  • Financial problems oppressed him all the time.
  • His parents always oppressed him in every decision he had to make.
  • The abuse was too traumatic that when I asked him if he could relate one instance, he couldn't recount a single one specifically.
  • He couldn't remember his father being a heavy, abusive disciplinarian while every other child did.
  • He had to suppress feelings of grief due to his recent divorce in order to function well at the victory party.


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