Devotional: God; Far...Yet Near

Reading: Psalm 90
It may be natural desire in many people to want to place his own mark in this world, to somehow stand out from the rest of the group or crowd he is in. While there is nothing plainly wrong with that, it looks quite trivial and a waste of priority in light of Psalm 99 where we we see the God who has established Himself to be higher than anyone and anything yet makes Himself accessible and adjusts down to those who would seek Him. I have a God who does not busy Himself with distinctions. Yes, His very nature is unreachable, He can't help it. Everything declares how far out of reach He is from flawed men. But I love that He is most interested in connecting, making the ultimate way for man to be reconciled with Him and making ways for man to be guided into His perfect plan for their lives. I love that His Word never highlights differences but puts importance on oneness and commonality in the body of Christ.

Today, I am thankful that I can praise and worship this God and be blessed by Him with favor after favor.


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