Devotional: In the Secret Place

Reading: Psalm 91

"A true believer that dwells in the secret place of the Most High is AT HOME IN God, he acquaints himself with INWARD religion, and makes HEART-WORK of the service of God, worships WITHIN the veil, and LOVES to be ALONE with God, to CONVERSE with him in SOLITUDE... It is his privilege & comfort to have God shelter him & come between him & everything that would annoy him whether storm or sunshine." Matthew Henry

Social Media has been a great venue for people to connect & be updated with one another. But if one is not careful, he can find himself greatly pre-occupied with the lives of others & may become addicted to finding pleasure, amusement, and even validation from others.

The passage rebukes & challenges me of my need to prioritize dwelling in the secret place of His fellowship & rest. Today, I pray for a heart that will not stop desiring to discover and experience Him in actual, real daily living.