Devotional: Blessed by Blessing

”He had no desire to bless anyone, so he has experienced no blessings. ”Psalm 108:17.   "They curse, but You will bless." vs 28

Although the chapter talks about the ways of an evil man, here i am reminded that although personal pursuits if God-honoring will breed a blessed life, i experience a different kind of blessedness when my efforts and spendings benefit others. In sharing my life and blessings with others i am blessed as well and am rewarded with supernatural joy, satisfaction,  and enablement to channel God's blessings to others once more.

It is amazing for a christian to feel no loss when he gives something away and this feeling is something only God can bring out of us. I praise God, the greatest giver for choosing me to be a recipient of His blessings. And i thank Him for teaching and letting me experience what a blessed life is all about.


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