Butter, Butter, Butter!

In search for the butter with the closest taste to my husband's favorite, Queensland Pure Creamery Butter, I got to pay a lot of attention to all the kinds of butter found on the shelves.

  1. Pure Butter - is 100% milk. You have salted and unsalted variants. Unsalted type is otherwise called as Sweet Butter (not the same as Sweet CREAM butter). 
  2. Sweet Cream Butter- is made from milk or cream that hasn't been fermented; it is made from pasteurized cream and hence sweeter as compared to those made from soured cream. Tillamook has this.
  3. Whipped Butter- is ideally pure butter, but most labels list "min. 80% milk fat"; often more fluffy and lighter textured, great for toast and last add-ons on dish preparations.
  4. Cultured Butter- has more fat and is excellent for use in baking flaky pastries like croissants; is tangy to taste because of fermented cream.
  5. Spreadable Butter- in variants of soft, semi-soft, super soft is a blend of milk/cream and oils like vegetable oil, olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil. About 40% min milk. My favorite is the Western Brand.

    Mainland's Buttersoft is pure spreadable butter.
  6. Butter-Like Alternative Spreads- is for those who want low cholesterol, non-gluten options. Nutelex is one brand with many variants. Bertolli has an Olive Oil Spread. Meadowlea has Canola Spread. Ballantyne has Avocado blend which they say is a healthy alternative.

Other Local Brands around Australia are:
  1. Aldi Beautifully Butter - from pure to spreadable butter
  2. Coles brand
  3. Woolworths Homebrand butter
  4. Bronhill Organic Butter


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