Devotional: When God Tarries

Passage: Psalm 79:1-17

Marked: Psalm 79:9 "Help us for the glory of YOUR name. Save us & forgive our sins for the honor of YOUR name."

In frustration, we can think God is taking too long, no justice is served, prayers are not answered; God seems quick to discipline His children while evil around remains unpunished. At times, the child of God feels wrongly punished (or affected) for the sins & faults of others. We may pray wrong prayers, overly eager for God's punishment to fall on those who do wrong, or eager for God to just leave us alone and turn His "anger somewhere else."

A lot I don't understand, but 1 Cor. 10 says,  "ALL things must be to the glory of God." Whatever may be happening, to my liking or not, there's always an opportunity for God's honor to be displayed.


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