Devotional: An Example and a Warning

The lives of people older than us are examples to encourage and train us for good living, they are to be appreciated for all the goodness we experience through their lives & for good values & skills we've picked-up from them. For their failures & flaws, there's no benefit if we nitpick on that or look down on them because of that. We would do well to let their mistakes serve as lessons & warnings of what we shouldn't commit in our own life. 1 Cor. 10 shares: "Now these things happened to them (their ancestors) by way as an example and warning to us; they were written TO ADMONISH and FIT US for RIGHT ACTION."

There are many things I've learned from my parents and family I grew up with that I consider precious and vital. I pray hard for God's help so I can live in a way that my children would grow up learning precious and vital things from my life as well.


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