Technology: What to Know About Brave Browser and BAT (Basic Attention Token)


Brendan Eich is a software engineer who created Java Script. He was co-founder of Mozilla (creator of Firefox web browser). He was its former CEO. Christians might find it interesting to learn that Eich was persecuted for donating $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8 bill which upheld traditional marriage between man and woman.

In 2016, He launched his very own Brave Web Browser which features less ads and intrusion to user. Catherine Corre, who is part of the Brave project says: "We see third party ads and tracking as toxic, and we block that by default."
Brendan Eich also co-founded with Brian Bondy the rising BAT or Basic Attention Token. It is a utility token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a unit of exchange between advertisers, publishers, and users. While Brave blocks ads and trackers, with the BAT, users can directly contribute to platforms that they value. This changes the way advertising and web browsing works. A million-dollar token giveaway has just been completely handed out and results are promising. Youtubers and website publishers have been signing up with Brave.

More info on BAT is found here. In a nutshell, BAT's official website explains simply as this:

Brave Browser has continually been improving. Users report improvements in speed, performance, and security. With the introduction of BAT, we can only expect more improvements to come.  Brave Browser is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux. Check it out here.


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