Odd and Funny Names of Real Filipino Foods


Yes, these food and dishes are real! Try them when you're in the country.

1. Menstruation Bread (Pan de Regla)
It's called Pan de Regla in Filipino. It is made from one-day old bread, egg, milk, sugar, some vanilla, and red food colorant. It's a favorite breakfast or mid-afternoon partner for coffee.

2. Body Odour Bread

It's called Pan de Putok in Filipino. It is a bit crusty on the outside and it has a cracked top with sprinkled sugar.

3. Booger

It's called Kulangot or Sundot Kulangot in Filipino. This is commonly sold up in Baguio. The taste is like a mix of sweet sticky rice and coconut jam. Simply break the pod and scoop it out.

4. Bloodied Soup

It's called Dinuguan in Filipino. It's actually pork blood stew. The recipe uses pork blood, pork belly, vinegar, and chili. It's a favorite dish that goes with either rice or Filipino steamed rice cake.

5. Beaten (Battered) Chicken
It's called Pinikpikan na Manok in Filipino and takes its name from the Ilocano dialect.  It is a chicken in broth dish. Cooks beat the chicken to death with a stick. This is done in the belief that the bruising of the flesh brings blood to the surface, thereby improving the taste of the dish. Though it may be a clear violation of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act of1998, this dish is openly offered in many Filipino restaurants. Yummyph gives an elaborate discussion here.

6. Adidas

People know it's a well-known brand of footwear. At food stalls however, say Adidas and they know you mean barbecued chicken feet. It's a snack food, sometimes partnered with beer.


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