English: US vs UK Spelling


Need help differentiating between US English Spelling and UK Spelling?

Here are some quick pointers:

1. US Spelling  uses  OR
    UK Spelling uses  OUR
color         colour
labor         labour
flavor        flavour
neighbor   neighbour
humor       humour
2. US Spelling uses  Z
    UK Spelling uses  S
apologize  apologise
analyze     analyse
organize    organise
recognize  recognise
paralyze    paralyse
3. US Spelling uses  one  L  + ed after a vowel
    UK Spelling uses  two Ls + ed after a vowel
traveled    travelled
modeled   modelled
fueled  fuelled
4.  US English use   e
     UK English uses ae or oe
estrogen           oestrogen
encyclopedia   encylopaedia
5. US English uses er
    UK English uses re
maneuver    manoeuvre
center          centre
6. US English uses S
    UK English uses C
defense   defence
offense   offence

More Useful references:
A Dictionary of the English Language by Johnson (Online)
A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language (Free Download)
An American Dictionary of the English Language’ (by Webster, Free Download)
Merriam-Webste Online
US to UK Spelling (free online document editing tool)


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