Marriage: Stay Conditioned for Making Love

Sexual intimacy & intercourse can be a great source of pleasure. Naturally, the drive comes and goes. So don't waste opportunities for maximum enjoyment! Make the most out of your sex life now.

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Excess Weight
Being Overweight often leads to a lower sex drive. For one, confidence is lower when the body is out of shape. For the obese, stamina is lessened as the body copes with excessive weight gain. Naturally, performance in bed is harder to sustain and the overweight partner may find it hard to achieve climax

Creativity in the bedroom is also affected. It's harder to explore sex positions as different executions require different levels of energy and physical exertion. Being overweight limits the kind of positions the couple can try.

Being overweight or obese leads to many kinds of ailments. Cardiovascular problems and diabetes are two diseases that affect sexual health. Heart diseases wherein arteries are blocked also affect blood flow to the genitals. This causes erectile dysfunction.

Lack of Sleep
Scientists from the University of Chicago conducted a study on sleep deprivation and found that cutting back on sleep drastically reduces testosterone levels. Healthy young men were drafted for this study and results showed that among those who slept less than 5 hours nightly for just 1 week, testosterone levels were significantly lower as compared with testosterone levels recorded when they had a full night's sleep.

Dr. Eve Van Cauter warns that the negative effects of diminishing testosterone not only leads to problems in sexual behavior and reproduction, it also affects body strength, muscle mass, and bone density. Overall wellbeing and vigor suffer. Testosterone deficiency leads to low energy, low libido, low concentration, and fatigue.

The study reports that the reduced testosterone levels is equivalent to the state of one who has aged 10 to 15 years. On average, men's levels decrease at 1-2% yearly, but the one week of study registered a 10-15% decrease among 24 year old men studied.

The same holds true for women. Lack of sleep lessens the sex drive and poses problems with lubrication, which is important for pleasurable, pain-free sex.

Certain kinds of medication decrease libido, specifically anti-depressants, Diabetes and heart meds. Medicated marijuana affect both drive and performance. Some contraceptives and antihistamines affect the drive. If a must, inquire with your doctor about proper dosage and proper time frame for taking these types of medications. Check out this resource for more info.

Stress & fatigue
Stress causes the body to increase production of cortisol and that can negatively affect blood pressure, weight, and sleep patterns. Learn ways to release stress and rejuvenate and do so on a regular basis as too much stress and fatigue is not good for your overall health.

Alcohol & Smoking
US National Institute of Health studied the effect of nicotine in men's sexual arousal.From the study, it was observed that nicotine significantly reduced erectile responses of men included in the study. These men were nonsmokers but were exposed to nicotine for the period of the study conducted.The effect of alcohol was also studied and it was established that 72% of alcohol dependent men had at least 1 sexual dysfunction.

(resource on sexual health)

Too Much Soy
The US National Institutes of Health presented a case study of one healthy male who turned vegan and suddenly observed a loss of drive and dysfunction after consuming too much soy.

Soy's active ingredient isoflavone is credited for lowering certain risks for cancer, especially breast cancer among women. However, moderation is still advised as overconsumption can lead to hypgonadism and other imbalances in the sexual reproductive system.

Pungent Food
Strong, scented or spiced foods have the potential to change they way your reproductive organs and secretion smells and tastes. Make sure to hydrate well after consuming those smelly and tasty stuff and take probiotics.

Thyroid Problems
The thyroid gland is the most important endocrine gland in our body; It is crucial to our body system, regulating metabolism, body tempe, heart rate, blood pressure. It affects the immune system, even our weight and it affects the drive.

Boost Your Sex Drive!

(resource: boost your drive naturally)

Researchers at University of Texas surveyed coffee and tea drinkers and found that men who consumed between 85 to 170 mg of caffeine daily were 42% less likely to develop erectile dysfunction. For info, 1 tall Starbucks latte has 75 mg of caffeine and 1 tall Starbucks Americano holds 150mg.

From medieval times, there are a number of foods regarded and proven as an aphrodisiac, boosting the drive and helping stimulate arousal more easily. These are:

Pine Nuts (high in zinc which is good for the drive)
Oysters (high in zinc and amino acids that trigger production of sex hormones)
Banana (has bromelaine that helps raise testosterone levels, also elevates energy levels)
Chili Peppers (increases blood pmping and flow)
Chocolates (helps build serotonin, responsible for arousal)
Honey (for vigor, contains nitric oxide which is released in the blood during arousal)

Below are some food or herbal components that stimulates and increases the drive . Some are available in tea form, capsule or tablets, and liquid preparation. Check labels for proper dosage.

Fenugreek (improves performance and recovery time)
L-Arginine (enhances male erection)
Oat (Avena Sativa)
Ginseng (enhances vitality and functioning)
Macca (increases sperm count)
Tongkat Ali (increases male size and sperm count)

(resource: lovemaking positions for couples/ for MA18+)

Targeted Exercises
This resource gives good exercises to help you better your performance in specific sex positions. Do target strengthening exercises for extended lovemaking time.

Proper Hygiene
This doesn't need much elaboration. Make sure to dry your private parts well before putting that underwear on and use clean underwear everyday. Do some regular trimming especially if you and your partner practice mouth engagement.

Scent Swayers
Below are some scents that trigger mood and arousal. Try having some scented candles in your stockroom. Buy some perfume of these scent for special wear on lovemaking night. Have like scented body soap and hair shampoo for bathing before date night.
Ylang Ylang


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