Devotional: Wisdom in time of Need

James 1:5 "If you lack wisdom, ask, and it will be given you."

When I'm out of wisdom or when I feel I'm in the dark, the Holy Spirit is there to give wisdom and to guide me into all truth (John 16:13) This means, that I can know what I need to understand about Him and His Word. James 1:5 says I must ask in full trust and reliance and God will grant the wisdom that I need to understand and to make decisions that will not go against His Word. I like it that the verse says that when I come, God won't shame, ridicule, or think low of me for not knowing the things I don't know. He knows my limitations, He is not at all surprised so I don't need to hide nor make excuses. When I ask, He will be there to empower and equip me.

Today, I pray for diligence and tenderness to come to God so I can grow from ignorance and immaturity.


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